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The Department of Electronic Engineering of CityU, founded in 1984, continues to achieve notable headway in achieving excellence in professional education and research, realising its vision of becoming a leading department of its kind among global tertiary institutions.

To provide such a high standard of teaching and learning the Department deploys a veritable armoury of resources to (i) uplift existing programmes and courses to maintain their niche, (ii) refine its 4-year curriculum to meet future changes, (iii) lift students' academic standard to cope with the workplace demand for professional engineers of high calibre, (iv) nurture a caring culture within the Department while adding further value through diverse student development activities, and (v) uplift students' global outreach and international competitiveness through wide-ranging exchange programmes.

Student learning is of our paramount concern. Our reward is the huge leap forward made by our students as demonstrated by their winning prizes in different local and overseas competitions, dedication to study, academic achievements and devotion to co-curricular activities. All these have bonded smoothly to foster their well-rounded personalities and global outreach, and most importantly, their good attachment to the Department; indeed a most rewarding outcome overall. Starting 2010/11, the Department has embarked on a new initiative namely course tutoring scheme to further cultivate student learning and promote caring culture within the Department.

Meanwhile, every year it is encouraging to review the employment statistics that confirm our graduates are highly sought-after among discriminating employers. Extra efforts have been made to strengthen industrial partnerships, realizing the launch of Industrial Placement Scheme since 2010/11, through which students can enjoy more placement opportunities and conduct an industrial Final Year Project.

Electronic Engineering is recognised as an area of strength at CityU in terms of international competitiveness, staff and student research outputs, awards achieved and state-of-the-art equipment and resources available. The Department possesses a strong team of academics comprising 1 University Distinguished Professor, 14 chair professors, 5 professors, 25 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, and 9 assistant professors. Apart from strong teaching background, they have proven track records in research activities spanning a wide range of subjects covering applied electromagnetics, RF and microwaves, optoelectronics and solid state devices, control systems, power electronics, wireless communications, networking, and signal and imaging processing. To keep ourselves in the forefront of mainline research, we have identified bio-nano engineering as one of our key research areas to develop in coming years. Currently, we boast 16 Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA (FIEEE); 4 Fellows of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK (FIET); 1 Fellow of International Federation of Automatic Control; 1 Fellow of The American Association for the Advancement of Science; 1 Fellow of The Optical Society of America and 3 Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellows. In March 2008, the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves was established with the support and approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC. It is the only Engineering State Key Laboratory in Hong Kong.

Our excellence in research can be manifested by our professors' significant achievements in technology transfer, research outputs, honours and recognition received, research grants awarded, successful patent applications, consultancy and contract research projects, spin-off companies and research centres established.

With the concerted efforts of staff and students at all levels, CityU-EE always strives to forge ahead so as to maintain its competitiveness and leading role in the electronic engineering discipline across the globe.

Last updated : 1 Jul 2016