Undergraduate Programme [ Download Course Leaflet Leaflet ]


Major Aim

We aim to provide the solid foundation necessary for students to embark on a successful career in Information Systems, Networking, System Administration, Software Development and Multimedia Computing fields. Three popular and professional technical trainings programmes are integrated into the major structure. They are :

  • Cisco CCNA Network Associate Certification
  • Fundamental Linux Training
  • Google Android and Apple iPhone / iPad Mobile App Design

The strong knowledge base gained in this major prepares graduates for further studies or employment in a wide range of economic sectors, mainly technology, but also in business, banking, finance, and trading in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region.

Major Educational Objectives

The Major Educational Objectives of INFE major are to:

  1. Provide graduates with a solid education in information engineering, and tools that will enable them to identify and solve related engineering problems.
  2. Provide graduates with the ability and vision that will enable them to become life-long learners in today’s rapidly changing world.
  3. Provide graduates with strong knowledge base on which they can pursue further studies.
  4. Provide graduates with essential skills to communicate effectively, and work independently but also collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams.
  5. Equip graduates with high standards of ethics and conduct as well as societal responsibilities.

Career Prospect

Information Technology is amongst the areas the Hong Kong SAR Government has identified for focused support, with manpower projections showing this technology sector to have the fastest growth. Even in the banking, finance, business services, trading, legal and public administration sectors, personnel with a solid background in technology are in great demand in this increasingly complex technological age.

Our Graduates

  • Premier Employers
    Government/ Government-related Organizations: Police, Rating and Valuation, Customs and Excise Department, and Hospital Authority
    Engineering/ Technology: Science Park, Argent Software, IBM, Epson, HP, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Reuters, SAE Magnetics, NEC, New World Telecom, Elec & Eltek International, EXEL HK, China Unicom, Cosco (HK)
    Finance/ Banking/ Property: HSBC, DBS, Dah Sing Bank, Hang Seng Bank, Wing Lung Bank, Hong Yip Service
    Transportation and Logistics: OOCL Logistics, Cathay Pacific, Airport

  • Job Nature of Graduates
    Computer/ Design Engineer, Technical Support Engineer/ Specialist, Telecommunication Engineer, Software/ System Engineer, Programmer, Application/ Mobile Apps Developer, System/ IT Support Analyst, Cloud Computing/ Data Center Engineer, IT Officer, Scientific Consultant/ Technologist, Academic Researcher, Solution Developer, Marketing and Sales Executive, etc.

  • Graduate Employment Survey 2016
    The survey shows that 98.40% of the BEngIE graduates were engaged before the cut-off date, with 90.30% in the job market and 8.10% in full-time postgraduate studies.Click here for details.

Professional Recognition

The major has been accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, one of the educational requirements for obtaining Charter status. Based on the 'Washington Accord', graduates will receive reciprocal recognition from the equivalent bodies in Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong-China, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Last Updated : 30 Oct 2017