Research Areas
Applied Electromagnetics

Applied Electromagnetics Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology and Biosystems
Wireless Communications Networking Computer Engineering and Control Systems

THz Wave Manipulation Using Metasurfaces

THz Wave Manipulation Using Metasurfaces
Metasurfaces allow manipulation of the directions and polarizations of reflected and transmitted waves when under THz illumination. Each pixel of the surface can be engineered to achieve designated amplitude and phase distributions in the scattering aperture. The scope of our work encompasses pixel design, micro-fabrication and THz near-field measurement.
Prof. C H Chan

THz Polarimetric Imaging for Tumor Detection and Monitoring

THz Polarimetric Imaging for Tumor Detection and Monitoring
Incident THz wave is scattered and absorbed by biological tissue and the scattering process leads to depolarization of the reflected wave. This research focuses on the design and construction of a THz imaging system to delineate tissue specific depolarization, retardance and polarizance for the detection and monitoring of tumors.
Prof. C H Chan
Glass Antenna
Prof. K W Leung
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Dr. Peter S W Leung

Electromagnetic engineering is one of the pillars of EE. Our team strives for advancing the application of electromagnetics through experimental, theoretical, and computational research. With the facilities of the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves and Applied Electromagnetic Laboratory, the team has been pushing the frontiers in the designs of antennas and RFICs for high frequencies reaching the millimeter-wave as well as the terahertz frequencies. Applications of ranges from wireless communications to imaging.

The team is devoted to the research on: antenna theory and design; millimeter-wave devices and circuits; terahertz science and technology; computational electromagnetics; and electromagnetic compatibility.

The team consists of the following faculty members: Prof C H Chan, Dr W S Chan, Prof Way Kuo, Prof K W Leung, Dr Peter S W Leung, Prof K M Luk, Dr K F Tsang, Dr Steve H Wong, Dr W K Wong, and Prof Q Xue.

Last Updated : 10 Jan 2017