Research Areas
Wireless Communications

Applied Electromagnetics Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology and Biosystems
Wireless Communications Networking Computer Engineering and Control Systems
Wireless Communications
Prof Ping Li
Sparse Recovery and Related Problems
Prof H C So
Large-Scale Distributed Antenna Systems
Dr Lin Dai
Interference Analysis and Mitigation for Heterogeneous Networks
Dr S H Leung
Multiple Access, Power Control, and Code Design
Dr Albert C W Sung

Modern wireless communications have profound impact on our daily life and our society. Our team focuses on future cellular communication systems, signal processing algorithms and emerging communication techniques. Our team members have contributed innovative transmission, detection and signal processing schemes. Applications include wireless speech and data communications, wireless positioning systems, visible light communications and distributed storage systems.

The team is devoted to the research on: wireless communications; wireless sensor networks; information theory; coding theory and techniques; signal processing theory and methods; visible light communications; and data storage systems.

The team consists of the following faculty members: Dr Lin Dai, Dr S H Leung, Prof Ping Li, Prof H C So, and Dr Albert C W Sung.

Last Updated : 12 Dec 2017