Applied Research Projects

Applied Electromagnetics
Project No. Duration Principal Investigator Project Title
9448001 06/08-05/18 C. H. Chan State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves (SKLMW) - ITC Fund
9678027 10/10-07/15 C. H. Chan Smart Base Station Antennas for New Generation Broadband Mobile Communications (CityU matching fund)
9231110 07/13-07/16 K. W. Leung Editorship-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
9678020 03/10-12/16 K. M. Luk CAPS天線和導航通信一體化射頻芯片
9680100 03/10-12/16 K. M. Luk CAPS天線和導航通信一體化射頻芯片
9443003 01/15-09/16 K. F. Tsang Interoperable M2M Service Platform for Global Fleet Management Transportation and Logistics
9678057 11/12-03/18 K. F. Tsang The Design of Self-Sustainable Wireless Sensor Network Module for Telemedicine (CityU Matching Fund)
9680069 03/13-09/16 Steve Wong 新一代個人移動通信小型化天線研究
9231013 10/09-12/14 Q. Xue Compact Microstrip Resonant Cell (CMRC) 項目
9231019 09/09-12/17 Q. Xue Multi-layer Multi-conductor Transmission Line and Its Applications to Differential Microwave Circuits
9231028 10/10-02/16 Q. Xue Development of LTE Chips for Applications of Next Generation Wideband Mobile Communications
9231147 05/14-12/16 Q. Xue Study of Microstrip Antenna Array Design Methodology
9231188 04/13-04/18 Q. Xue E-band 超高性能毫米波天線研制及產業化
9231203 08/15-08/17 Q. Xue Collaborative Innovation Platform of New Generation Mobile Communication Antenna Technology
9440100 06/13-02/16 Q. Xue 60 GHz RFIC Transceiver for Short Range Instant Massive Data Sharing
9680008 10/09-02/16 Q. Xue 組建毫米波及寬帶無線通信重點實驗室
9680010 12/09-10/18 Q. Xue 毫米波研究
9680094 01/14-02/16 Q. Xue 介質微帶線——應用於毫米波及太赫茲的新型傳輸線研究-城大配套
9680126 06/14-02/16 Q. Xue Implantable Quasi-lumped Parameter Functional Cell – Theory and Construction Method
9682001 06/08-06/17 Q. Xue Information and Communication Technology Centre (ICTC)
9231237 06/08-06/17 Q. Xue AIP封裝電磁可靠性技術研究合作項目

Computer Engineering and Control Systems
Project No. Duration Principal Investigator Project Title
9231159 09/14-01/16 G. R. Chen Modelling and Dynamical Analysis of Information Network Topologies
9231210 12/15-12/16 G. R. Chen Cooperation on Complex Networks Theory
9231223 05/16-12/16 C. C. Cheung Smart Hospital Alert System - Patient Information System
9680171 06/16-05/18 C. C. Cheung Reconfigurable Computing for Deep Learning
9680054 01/13-02/16 C. Y. Chiu 對頸動脈疾病進行定量監測和評估的頸動脈圖集
9231080 02/12-12/18 W. S. Chow Investigation of Large-scale Sensor Networking System
9678061 04/13-10/15 W. S. Chow The Anti-wear Robustness Research on Thermal Assistant Magnetic Recording (TAMR) Based Head Disk Interface (HDI) by Prognostics and System Health Management (PHM) Technology (CityU Matching Fund)
9231173 01/15-12/16 W. H. Lau Design and Implementation of Battery Tester
9440148 03/16-08/17 K. F. Man Remote Online Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnostic System for Photovoltaic Farms
9678118 03/16-03/19 K. F. Man Remote Diagnostics System for Smart Village

Project No. Duration Principal Investigator Project Title
9231191 07/15-06/16 L. M. Po OMG網絡媒體事業群的視頻編碼組
9678029 12/10-01/16 L. M. Po Visual Signal Processing Technology for Emerging 3D Applications Project (CityU Matching Fund)
9440160 02/17-08/18 W. M. Wong Working Software Tools for Dynamic Base Station Sleeping for Green Cellular Networks
9678130 02/17-01/20 W. M. Wong Study of Call Center Systems
9231129 12/13-08/16 M. Zukerman Photonic Metro Network Topology and Characteristics Modeling

Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology and Biosystems
Project No. Duration Principal Investigator Project Title
9440122 01/15-10/16 H. M. Chan A Standalone Intelligent System for Wireless Biosensor Network: Simultaneous Recording and Parallel Processing of Multi-Modal Physiological Data
9440123 01/15-12/16 H. M. Chan EEG-based Real-time Musical Emotion Recognition System
9678060 03/13-12/17 H. M. Chan A Mobile, Parallel and Scalable Platform for Multi-User EEG Recording and Analysis (CityU Matching Fund)
9680111 01/14-12/15 S. C. Chan 布拉格光柵反饋垂直腔面發射激光器的非線性動力學研究-城大配套
9600003 02/00-06/18 Y. C. Chan Centre for Electronic Packaging and Assemblies, Failure Analysis and Reliability Engineering (EPA)
9360146 04/12-06/18 K. S. Chiang CityU HK-UESTC Joint Research Center on Optical Fiber Sensing and Communications (CFSC)
9440157 10/16-04/18 K. S. Chiang Development of Built-in Standard Optical Plugs for Waveguide-Embedded Optical Printed Circuit Boards
9678039 10/11-07/15 K. S. Chiang Development of Optical Printed Circuit Boards (CityU Matching Fund)
9680097 01/14-02/16 K. S. Chiang 聚合物平面光波導模分複用器的研製-城大配套
9687001 04/12-06/18 K. S. Chiang CityU HK-UESTC Joint Research Center on Optical Fiber Sensing and Communications (CFSC)
9211072 02/15-02/16 S. H. Chung Double Pulse Testing System for Insulated Gate Bipolar Junction Transistors
9231170 01/15-02/16 S. H. Chung High-frequency Household IH Cooker in Single-ended ZVS Resonant Topology
9440104 08/13-02/16 S. H. Chung The Key Technologies of the Energy Storage System - Smart Battery Management System for Distributed Energy Resources
9440127 01/15-02/17 S. H. Chung Smart and Sustainable Campus
9440131 01/15-06/17 S. H. Chung Smart Real-time Battery State and Health Diagnostics System
9600008 10/06-06/17 S. H. Chung Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research (CSCR)
9678049 06/12-10/15 S. H. Chung A New Generation Smart Inverter for PV Application (CityU Matching Fund)
9678072 09/13-06/18 S. H. Chung The Key Technologies of the Energy Storage System - Smart Battery Management System for Distributed Energy Resources (CityU Matching Fund)
9440158 01/17-06/18 S. H. Chung Online Harmonic Filter and Network Monitoring System

Wireless Communications
Project No. Duration Principal Investigator Project Title
9231146 05/14-04/17 T. Kim Beam Tracking Technology in Higher Frequency
9440117 12/14-05/16 T. Kim Outdoor Millimeter Wave Systems for 5G Urban Cellular: Design and Analysis
9678092 12/14-11/17 T. Kim System-level Simulator Design for Millimeter Wave Cellular
9231192 07/15-02/17 S. H. Leung Study of Macau Coins Identification for the Parking Application
Last updated : 11 Jan 2017