Consultancy Projects

1st July 2016 – Current

Project Title Source Staff Start End
Distinguished Professor of Huawei Wireless Research Consultancy Group Industry Q Xue Jul-16 Dec-20
EMC Management Consultancy on Brazil San Paolo SPL6 Metro Project Industry S W Leung Jan-16 Jun-17
Independent Non-Executive Director Industry Y C Chan Apr-15 Mar-17
Independent Non-Executive Director Industry S W Leung Jul-16 Jun-18
Provision of Consultancy Service on "Model For the Detection of Cyber Security Attacks" Industry KF Tsang Sammy Chan Jul-16 Jun-17
Provision of EMC Management Consultancy on Railways Applications Industry S W Leung Nov-15 Oct-17
Provision of EMC Management Consultancy Services on Doha Metro Project at official technical meetings. Industry S W Leung Jul-16 Dec-17
Provision of Expert Opinions at Court on Legal Proceedings for an User's Acceptance Test (UAT) on In-Car Video Recording System Government K F Tsang May-16 May-18

Last updated : 30 Dec 2016