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Upcoming and Recent Alumni-Student Events

Career Talks by Renowned IT Companies 2016

Career advising is one of the emphases the Department specially put resources in. With the support from the industry, on 7 March 2016, delegates from renowned IT Companies were invited to give career talks on-campus to our final year undergraduate and master students. Participating companies were:

  • Atos Information Technology (HK) Ltd.
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • PCCW Solutions
  • Hong Kong Telecommunications

Our EE graduates came back to share with us their career hunting and development experiences.

Mr David Liu, Solutions Executive
Bid & Solutions Consulting, HKT Limited
(2014 BEngECE graduate)

Mr William Au, Graduate Traniee
Atos Information Technology (HK) Ltd.
(2015 BEngIE graduate)
Break-out sessions were arranged to let students know more in-depth about the companies and the jobs, as well as facilitating the on-site applications.

Career Talks by Renowned IT and Electronics Companies 2015

The industry is always supportive on providing career advising to our EE students. On 23 March 2015, delegates from renowned IT and Electronics Companies spared their valuable time to give career talk on-campus to our final year undergraduate and master students. Participating companies are:

  • Atos Information Technology (HK) Ltd.
  • i-CABLE Communications Ltd.
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • PCCW Solutions

It’s glad to hear that EE graduates are working happily with respectable achievements in these companies.

Miss Ada Kwok, Manager
Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte
(2006 BEngIE graduate)

Miss Hui Mei Suet
Graduate Trainee, PCCW Solutions
(2014 BEngECE graduate)

EE students also participated actively at the break-out sessions to know more in-depth about the companies, the jobs and the industry.

Best Bets for Job Interview Preparation: Job Interview Rehearsal for EE Students
師兄教路‧ 最強見工準備

EE final year students, are you ready for stepping up into the workplace? To land a job, pass through job interviews first. Why don’t you have a bit warm up in advance? There will be a half-day workshop, which is supported by EE alumni and experienced job interviewers. Students will be put into job interview scenarios to learn, to observe and to rehearse. To practise and learn some tricks in a safe environment, come and join us. Let’s gear up for the challenge, and have a rewarding afternoon!

EE Students Job Interview Rehearsal

Date 21 March 2015, Saturday
Time 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue To be announced, AC1
Students to Sign up Click here for online registration


How to apply and prepare  (for Students)
Step 1:   Online registration
Step 2:   Receive confirmation email from General Office
Step 3:   Pay $40 as caution money, which will be refunded on the event day (i.e. no show no refund)
Step 4:   Submit a 2-page resume.
Step 5:   Receive details about the mock interview and workshop rundown and prepare yourself for it. 


  1. Job interview setting (participants dressing smartly and professionally in interview outfits is required)
  2. 2-minute individual self-introduction
  3. Individual interview
  4. Group interview
  5. Self-evaluation and peer observation
  6. Positive comments and constructive feedback on (2), (3) and/or (4)

Enquiries  (for EE students)
Ms Kate Szeto 

Enquiries  (for Alumni)
Miss Idy Pang

EE Alumni (2004 & 2011 Graduates) Gathering

This time, that year……everything was so different.

Our alumni, who returned to CityU campus for an evening gathering at CMC on 23 June 2014 by the invitation of EE Ambassador Students, were astonished to see how CityU evolving in recent years during their campus tour. 
For those who had not come back since their graduation, meeting their teachers again and some current EE students who were 3 years or even 10 years their junior was definitely a special experience, as well as a good time to recall their vivid memories of their campus days.   

EE Featured Talk from Star Speaker: Mr Wong Wai-Kay
"Trends and Developments on IT Industry"
王維基先生: 《新科技電視廣播 – IT行業未來發展的契機》

Mr. Ricky Wong Wai-Kay, the Chairman of Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV), was invited by EE Department to deliver a talk on trends and developments on IT industry on 19 March 2014, Wednesday. With a full house of more than 200 participants, Ricky’s humorous and quick-witted sharing and responses sparkled laughter and hand-clapping throughout the lecture theatre. Ricky reiterated that future would be in the hands of young people who were the owners of tomorrow’s world.

Mr. Ricky Wong Wai-Kay
  • the Chairman of Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) (香港電視網絡有限公司)
  • a veteran in the telecommunications industry, with extensive experience in technical, marketing and sales aspects
  • a founder of City Telecom ( renamed as HKTV since Jan 2013) which provided alternative IDD service with call-back technology in HK in 1992, that has brought to a subsequent collapse of monopoly of the market at that time
  • a winner of Directors Of The Year Awards 2005 in the category of Listed Company (SEHK Main Board) Executive Directors, hosted by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

Students grasped every minute of the Q&A session to learn from Ricky. One of the questions was what would Ricky have done in order to kick off a new plan if he were him, as a student in his early 20s having no resources and connections. Ricky gave the second part of his answer on a newspaper column on Sky Post on 26.03.2014.

建立自信 26/03/2014, 晴報

沒錯,20歲與50歲的人生是截然不同。50歲的時候回望20歲,我會反思20歲的時候,應該做些甚麼,才能走到今天。 若只從做生意的角度看,答案是建立自信,因為沒有自信,就甚麼都不敢做。 從商的路存在很大的不確定性,也沒有人能預計結果,只能「博一博」。 沒有任何一個行業或機構是必勝,一切只在乎執行,但執行的能力就取決於自信。信心愈多,就愈會堅持到底;信心不夠的話,每當遇到困難和挑戰,就會覺得成功的機會不高,容易放棄。


Career Talks by Renowned IT and Electronics Companies 2104

With much honor the Department invited renowned IT and Electronics Companies to give career talks to our final year undergraduate and master students on 4 March 2014 and 25 March 2014. In total about 200 students joined. Participating companies include:

  • ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.
  • Atos Information Technology (HK) Ltd.
  • CABLE Communications Ltd.
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Fujitsu Hong Kong Ltd.
  • GP Electronics
  • PCCW Solutions
  • Thales Transport & Security HK Ltd.

Experienced professionals of the companies spared their valuable time to advise our students of the possible career opportunities and prospect, not only limited to those in their companies, but also in the IT and electronics industry at large. EE graduates working in some of the companies came back to encourage their fellows by sharing their own stories on career development. EE students also grabbed the valuable chance provided at the break-out sessions to know more in-depth about the companies, the jobs and the industry.

Sharing working experience by Mr LAW Chi Hang Henry (BEngIE graduate 2013) who is now working at Atos Information Technology (HK) Ltd.
EE students participated actively during the break-out sessions leading to a fruitful ending of the event on both dates.

Alumni Career Sharing and FYP Supervisors/Supervisees Reunion

On a relaxing Saturday afternoon on 22 February 2014, graduates of different years came back to share with final year students their personal stories on job seeking, career development as well as views on keeping abreast and staying ahead of the ever-changing technology. In particular, 5 of the 26 graduates of 2013 employed by PCCW Limited dropped by to join us. Sitting in groups with alumni in the Cloud Computing Center, students grasped every chance to ask questions and listen to advice from their “big brothers” attentively. Meanwhile, some FYP supervisees of Dr Andy Chan and Dr Tim Ko arrived for a reunion gathering at the Innovation Centre. Everybody had a wonderful afternoon, and it was great to see the generations interacting and learning from each other.

EE Featured Talk from Star Speaker: Ms Mary Pandora Cheung
"Professional Image Building, Job Application & Interview Skills"
張瑪莉小姐: 職場新人王 之 《求職面試技巧》 及 《專業個人型象》

Ms Pandora Cheung, a renowned trainer on professional image and business etiquette, was invited by EE Department to conduct a training session on professional image building, job application and interview skills to EE students in the EE Innovation Centre on 17 February 2014, Monday.

From her experience of being a professional trainer in HK and Mainland China for over 18 years ago as well as crowned as a beauty queen in 1975, Mary shared with us a long list of Dos and Don’ts from heads to toes, from inside out, which was a gentle and stunning reminder to all participants.

Mary illustrated and explained to our students who would join the workforce shortly on what males and females should wear, how we should behave during job interviews and the reasons behind.

Widely recognized as one of the most successful women in town, Ms Cheung has dedicated most of her time to community service. She is the recipient of the "Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award", the "Women of the 21st Century" and "Most Successful Women" awards. She has been running training workshops for business partners, universities, government departments and NGOs in Hong Kong and Mainland China for years.

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