10th Global Symposium on Millimeter-Waves (GSMM 2017)

The Global Symposium on Millimeter-Waves (GSMM) is an annual forum for researchers, engineers and practitioners to present and discuss recent breakthroughs, innovations and emerging techniques in field of millimeter-wave and terahertz sensing and communications. GSMM2017 is the continuation of a series of annual global millimeter-wave and terahertz symposiums held in Nanjing, China (2008), Sendai, Japan (2009), Seoul, South Korea (2010), Espoo, Finland (2011), Harbin, China (2012), Sendai, Japan (2013), Seoul, South Korea (2014), Montreal, Canada (2015) and Espoo, Finland (2016).

The symposium is organized by the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, Partner Laboratory in the City University of Hong Kong, technically sponsored by IEEE MTT-S.