Anna Ruokonen

M.Sc. Ph.D. in Software Engineering (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact Information







Teaching and projects


·        EE4221 Cloud Computing Systems 2014/2015 B

·        EE4221 Cloud Computing Systems 2014/2015 A

·        EE2331 Data Structures and Algorithms 2014/2015 A



Mobile and Web application development at CityU Apps Lab



Research Interests

·         Services computing: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), development of service-based systems, service compositions

·         Cloud computing: Software as a service (SaaS), development, tools

·         Model-driven engineering

·         End-user driven development

·         Personal Web Tasking

·         Open Data Applications

Research activities

·        Technical program committee member in IEEE SCC 2015

·        Technical program committee member in IARIA SCC 2015

·        Technical program committee member in IEEE CIT 2014

·        Technical program committee member in IEEE SCC 2014

·        Reviewer in IEEE's Transactions on Services Computing: Recommendation Systems for Services and Cloud Computing

·        Editorial board member International Journal of Services Computing (IJSC)

·        Technical program committee member in IEEE SCC 2013

·        Editorial board member in International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing (IJNDC)



Latest publications:


Ruokonen, A., Hylli, O., Lahtinen, S.: Towards Open-Data for Personal Web Tasking, IARIA CONTENT 2015,

France, Nice, to appear on March 2015.


Hylli, O., Lahtinen, S., Ruokonen, A., Systä, K.: Resource Description for End-User Driven Service Compositions,

IEEE Services 2014, 2nd International Workshop on Personalized Web Tasking (PWT 2014), Alaska, July 2014.


Hylli, O., Lahtinen, S., Ruokonen, A., Systä, K.: Service Composition for End-Users, Acta Cypernetica,

Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged Hungary, August 2014.


Ruokonen, A.: Scenario-Driven Development of Service-Based Systems, Ph.D. Thesis,

Publication 1102, Tampere University of Technology, December 2012.


Ruokonen, A., Kokko, T., Systä, T.: Scenario-Driven Approach for Business Process

Development, International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management (IJBPIM),

2012, Volume 6, Number 1, pp. 7796, Inderscience Publishers.