Mission Statement

The world is nonlinear, connected and highly interactive!

The Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks aims to conduct emerging and cutting-edge research in all aspects of nonlinear systems and networks, including chaos control and synchronization, dynamical system analysis, networked infrastructures, cyber physical systems, epidemic and pandemic modeling, and applications.

Our centre promotes inter-institutional and interdisciplinary cooperations, reaching out to the industrial and financial markets of Hong Kong and beyond.

It also plays a significant role in technological advances and transfer, as well as quality postgraduate training. It is a place for studying nonlinear science and applications.


The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily suspended our seminar series for more than 8 months. Starting October 2020, we restarted it as a new webinar series, with a semi-regular schedule that can accommodate any interested speakers from local and overseas institutions who would like to share their work with our members and the wider academic community.