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Centre for Complexity and Complex Networks

Externally Funded Projects (Since 2020)

Please direct all inquiries to the PC/PI.
PC/PI or Fund Recipient co-PI at CityU for AoE/TBRS/CRF/etc Fund Project Title (Link to CityU Scholars) Start Year
Nelson Chan GRF Chaotic External Cavity Laser Dynamics for Microwave Key Distribution 2022
Nelson Chan GRF Chaotic Timing for High-Speed Photonic Random Bit Generation 2020
Lin Dai GRF Toward Efficient and Fair Coexistence in Unlicensed Bands: A Unified Analytical Framework for Optimal Access Design 2020
Xiaofan Liu ICODA Characterizing COVID-19 transmission chains for precision mitigation, using epidemiological survey data 2022
Chee Wei Tan ITF Development of Massive Data Analytics for Rumor Source Detection and Faked News Invalidation against Infodemic 2021
Michael Tse GRF Study of Impact of Increasing Power Electronics Penetration on Power Networks 2022
Michael Tse TBRS Wireless Power Transfer: The Next Stage2021
Michael Tse Donation Data-driven Modelling and Prediction of Spreading of Infectious Diseases - RMGS 2020
Michael Tse GRF Network Approach to Analyzing Failure Cascade in Power Networks with Cyber Coupling 2020
Qingpeng Zhang GRF Optimizing Interventions for Changing HIV Risk Behaviors via Temporal Link Prediction in MSM Social Networks 2022
Qingpeng Zhang ITF Key Technologies and Systems of Distributed Knowledge Graph Data Management 2021
Moshe Zukerman GRF Scalable Optimized Design of Multi-layered Network Slicing and Virtual Network Embedding Under Long Range Dependent Traffic and Flexi-grid Optical Transmission with Adaptive Modulation 2021
Moshe Zukerman Donation Solutions and Methodologies for Telecommunications Networks Design 2021