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Our research group mainly focuses on the Electrical Energy and Power Conversion, and aims for a more energy saving and green world. We are exploring new topologies, switching methods, materials, and systems to serve with more intelligent and efficient power generation, transmission, and conversion. We are continuously contributing to Sustainable & Renewable Energy, Transport Electrification, and Data Computing applications.

Power Converters

> High power DC/AC converter
> DC/DC converter
> Bidirectional grid tied inverter
> Magnetics design and integration
> SiC and GaN devices

Electric Vehicle Technologies

> Electric vehicle (EV) on-board charger
> Electric motor drive
> Wireless EV charger
> Traction inverter
> Enhanced energy management
Wireless Power Transfer

> Inductive power transfer (IPT)
> Nanocrystalline ribbon for ferrite-free IPT
> Thermal and reliability analysis
> Compensation and converter design
> Wireless motor drive
Magnetic Design of Converter

> Transformer and inductor design
> Magnetic core optimization
> Electromagnetic shielding
> Loss analysis
> Nanocrystalline powder and flake ribbon

Research Grants

Principle Investigator (PI):

  1. Early Career Scheme (ECS), Research Grants Council (RGC), PI, Enhancement of the Newly Developed Nanocrystalline Ribbon Bidirectional Wireless EV Charging System (21200622), 2023-2025.

  2. Teaching Development Grant (TDG), PI, Novel Extended Vision for Undergraduate Education on Energy Engineering: New Breed Applications of Wireless Power Conversion (6000791), 2022-2024.

  3. Applied Research Grant (ARG), PI, 300 W GaN Power Brick for Point-of-Load (PoL) Converters (9667243), 2022-2024.

  4. CityU Internal Funds for PRC Grants (MFPRC), PI, Advanced Power Electronics Technologies for Energy Conversion (9680343), 2022-2025.

  5. Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), PI, Development of a New Nanocrystalline Alloy WPT4 High Energy-efficiency Wireless Charger for Electric Vehicle (ECF 36/2021), 2022-2024.

  6. Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) Seed Project, PI, Multi-Site Integrated Power Converters for DC Distribution Networks of Data Centers ( ITS_068_21), 2022-2023.

  7. Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau Science and Technology Project (Category C), PI,  Development and Application of Highly Integrated Next-generation Dynamic Wireless Power Supply System for Industrial Robotics (SGDX20210823104003034), 2022-2024.

  8. NSFC Youth Science Fund Project, PI, Development of Capacitor-free Dynamic Wireless Charging System with Nanocrystalline Flake Ribbon for Mobile Robots (52107011), 2021-2023.

  9. APRC, PI, A Novel Nanocrystalline Flake Ribbon for Compact and Curved Surface Wireless Power Transfer via Self-resonance (9610529), 2021-2023.

  10. ConRes_RMG, PI, Sensors for Wireless Power Supply (9239069), 2021-2022.

  11. University of Cambridge funding, PI, CAPE Acorn Blue Sky Research Award, Flexible and ultra-light wireless power transfer system up 1 kW power rating with nanocrystalline flake ribbon (NMZF/256 Task 7), 2020-2021.

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI):

  1. RGC Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS), Co-PI, Wireless Power Transfer: The Next Stage (T23-701/20-R), 2021-2025.

  2. RGC Young Collaborative Research Grant (YCRG), Co-PI, Development of wireless-powered optoelectronic device for precise control of bone homeostasis through the modulation of skeletal interoceptive circuit (C7003-22Y), 2023-2026.

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