Control Systems Laboratory

Department of Electronic Engineering

City University of Hong Kong

Control Systems Laboratory




Dept. of Electronic Engineering

City University of Hong Kong




Lab Director:

Dr. Wallace K.S. Tang

Senior Lab Technician:

Mr. W.H. Mak

Tel: 3442 7860


Lab Technicians:

Mr. C.M. Fung

Tel: 3442 9961

Mr. W.T. Hui

Tel: 3442 9957  

The Control Systems Laboratory aims to assist and promote teaching and experimental research in the fields of automatic control systems, robotics, nonlinear systems and circuits design, optimization and related technologies, targeting both academic leadership and commercial and industrial applications.

It provides a visible base for interdisciplinary cooperation, reaching out to Hong Kong and beyond. It also plays a significant role in technological advances and transfer, as well as facilitating the quality undergraduate and postgraduate training in the department.

Events and News

Seminar series on Complex Systems,   Networks, Control and Applications