Department of Electronic Engineering, CityU HK


Dr. Derek PAO
B.Sc.(Eng) HKU, M.Comp.Sc., Ph.D. Concordia, MIEEE

Associate Professor

Room: G6514 Tel: (852) 3442-8607 Fax: (852)3442-0562 Email:
Dr. Pao received his B.Sc.(Eng.) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 1984. After working for RCL Semiconductors Ltd. as an Integrated Circuits Design Engineer for one-and-a-half years, he pursued higher education at the Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, where he obtained his master and Ph.D. degrees, both in Computer Science, in 1987 and 1991, respectively. Before joining the City University of Hong Kong in 1992, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Concordia University.


  • Hardware architectures for network processing
  • Hardware architectures for intrusion detection and virus scanning
  • Named data networking


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