Electronic Assembly Discovery and Innovation Failure Analysis

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Funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission, the EPA Centre was established in July 1998 and aims at providing turnkey "one-stop-shop" full services to a wide range of electronics manufacturing industries. These include applied R&D, technology transfer, open-access laboratory, consultancy and manpower training. In February 2000, the Centre acquired the status of Applied Strategic Development Centre (ASDC) in City University of Hong Kong. The ASDC will be a focal point to nurture applied R&D in advanced electronic packaging and assemblies which is of direct benefit to the community for commercial and industrial applications. It now holds the most comprehensive range of sophisticated equipment worth over $20 million, the first of its kind ever found in a local tertiary institution. Backed by the strong academic research support from CityU and excellent collaboration with both local and overseas top-notch research centres, the ASDC integraes and has demonstrated excellent performance in applying the research results and providing, valuable services to the local industry.