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High Speed Chip Mounter

Manufacturer Casio YCM-5500 Photo 1
YCM-5500 Photo 2
Model YCM-5500
Application Based on a one-by-one system, this mounts on PCBs, electronic parts that range from chips to QFPs. It individually controls 8 heads, with a total of 24 axes, to perform a high-speed mounting of parts. Furthermore, this unit is designed to lessen the impact applied to the parts by controlling the Z axis height and locating the parts through an image recognition process.

Main Specification

Mounting Speed Chip mounting : 0.15 sec/point (under optimum conditions)
QFP mounting : 0.9 sec/point (using 2 units of QFP feeders)
Applicable PCB Sizes PCB width: 50 - 460mm
PCB length: 50 - 510mm
PCB thickness: 0.5 - 2.0mm
Number of Varieties of Parts Maximum 160 varieties (8mm tape standard)