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Ersacope Inspection System

Manufacturer ERSA Inc. ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000
Model ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000
Application BGA, SMT and PTH solder joints Component co-planarity before soldering Solder paste deposition Stencil thickness Via-hole diameter and cleanliness Adhesive dots Thick film deposition Conformal coating thickness

Main Specification

Maximum PCB-size 620 x 620 (mm)
Z-axis traveling distance 120mm
Maximum width of component to use backlight 50mm
Minimum distance to adjacent component 3.5-5mm
Minimum gap between component and PCB 0.05mm standoff height
Focus distance 0-55mm
Depth of field 1-6mm
Maximum magnification 350x
Cold Solder Joint by Ersascope Inspection

Cold Solder Joint by Ersascope Inspection

BGA Inspection with ERSASCOPE

BGA Inspection with ERSASCOPE