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FT-IR Spectrophotometer with AutoIMAGE System

Manufacturer Perkin-Elmer Ltd. GXII
Model GXII
Application Analytical chemistry in coations, electronic components, organic, paints, polymers, resins etc.

Main Specification

Frequency Range 7,800 - 400cm-1
Beamsplitter Wide range KBr
Resolution Better than 0.3cm-1
Signal-to-noise 45,000/1 rms, 9,000/1 p-p for a five second measurement, and 180,000/1 rms, 36,000/1 p-p for one minute (using DTGS detector at 4 cm spectral resolution with Beer-Norton apodization

AutoIMAGE System

Main Specification

Motorized Sample Stage Standard stage : 3 x 2 inch (75 x 50 mm)
Minimum step size : 1µm.
Maximum travel speed : 6 mm/s
IR Performance Better than 4000/1 p-p, 20,000/1 rms signal-to-noise, measured using a 100µm diameter aperture, 4 cm-1 resolution, 2 minutes, 2200-2100 cm-1 narrow or medium band MCT detector.
Micro-ATR Objective Micro-ATR attached with 100m germanium or silicon crystal provides multimode objective operation with no objective change or re-alignment required between transmission, reflection and ATR measurements.
Automated Data Collection Automated measurement of individual points, groups of points, line scans and maps
Camera Resolution 752 x 582 pixels
IR Database Sadtler IR spectral database


FT-IR Result