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Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM)

Manufacturer SONIX HS 1000TM
Model HS 1000TM
Application An ultrasonic transducer emits a sound wave through the material being tested. The wave travels through the material and is reflected when it strikes interfaces within the material. The same transducer is used to send and receive the acoustic waves. These reflections are digitally displayed as an image, which allows you to visualize the discontinuities in your sample.

Use SAM to Non-destructively Inspect

Plastic Devices GaAs
Ceramic Devices TAB
Flip Chip Seals
MCMs and more...

Acoustic Microscope is unparalleled in its ability to spot delaminations, cracks and other anomalies non-destructively. Unlike X-Ray, interface-specific data can also be given by this instrument. It can not only detect the failure but it also indicates where the problem is.

Main Specification

Scan Area 15" x 12"
Transducers Flip Chip Options (230 MHz transducer and high frequency pulsar receiver with 400 MHz band width)
110 MHz transducer
75 MHz transducer
50 MHz transducer
25 MHz transducer (typeA)
25 MHz transducer (type B for die attach analysis)
15 MHz transducer
5 MHz transducer

TAMI Tomographic Acoustic Micro Imaging Software Inspection Package

100% inspection of a package in a single scan allows 31 layers of a device to be inspected simultaneously in a single scan.

Delamination Inspection by SAM

SAM pictures