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Manual Flip Chip Bonder

Manufacturer KarlSuss FCM
Model FCM
Application Flip Chip Bonding, Fine-Pitch Component Bonding

Main Specification

Head Adaptor Force from 1 to 500N
Handling Chip Sizes Up to ( 40 x 40) mm
Handling Substrate Sizes Up to ( 170 x 110) mm
Head Temperature Up to 350°C
Rotation Range ±3°
Chip Loading Stage 50 x 50 mm sprung-loaded stage
Alignment Range for xyz Stage x: 290mm (+/- 2mm)
y: 150mm (+/- 2mm)
z: 15mm (+/- 2mm)
Stage Temperature Up to 300°C
Bonding Accuracy ± 5mm
Magnification Up to 252x