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Hast Chamber

Manufacturer IMV Corporation Envron Div. PTH-401-R
Model PTH-401-R
Application Highly accelerated stress test (pressure cooker)

Main Specification

Test Chamber Inner Size 350 dia. x 450 Depth (mm)
Controllable Test 105 to 107°C, 50 to 100%RH, 0.2 to 4.2 Kg/cm2G
Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Range Humidity (ex. 85%RH) can be kept from temp, build-up to test finish as per New EIAJ / IEC regulation
Temperature uniformity 100% ~ 85%RH ±0.5°C
84% ~ 65%RH ±0.1°C
64%RH or less ±1.5°C