Financial Awards / Assistance

  • The Postgraduate Studentship is granted to selected full-time research students on the basis of academic merit. The Studentship rate for 2000-2001 is $14,500 per month, which is subjected to revision in September every year. In the case of TCS, the monthly stipend is $15,000.
  • Research Tuition Scholarships are awarded on academic merit. Both full-time and part-time students can apply. The Scholarship is granted in the form of a tuition fee exemption.
  • Research students are eligible to apply for the Conference Grant to support their attendance at conference. The Conference Grant covers a subsistence, and 90% of the return passage and the conference registration fee, subject to a maximum of $10,000.
  • The government and the University offer various kinds of grants and loans to help students who are in financial need. Details can be obtained from the Student Development Services at