Innovation and Technology Fund

ITF Book Cover What is the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)?

ITF supports projects that contribute to the innovation and technology upgrading and development in local industry. For more detail, please visit

University-Industry Collaboration Programme (UICP)

What is UICP?

UICP is an industry-support programme under the ITF that aims to stimulate private sector interest in the area of research and development (R&D) through leveraging the knowledge and resources of local universities. Teaching Company Scheme is a funding scheme under the UIPC that funds R&D projects.

Teaching Company Scheme

This scheme aims to encourage companies to take on graduate students who wish to pursue a higher degree in local universities for specific R&D projects with:

  • the Government sponsoring half of the studentship for the research students, and
  • the participating universities providing teaching guidance to them throughout the project period and more...