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Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF) for 1st Level Screening of Prohibited Substances

For the majority of industries a looming legislative date of July 2006 will mark the beginning of their full compliance with the RoHS, WEEE and EOL Directives. The key element of compliance is testing the materials and parts for the presence of restricted substances. Given the sheer amount of testing required as well as diversity of conditions of testing, one can easily conclude that the effectiveness of inspections depends on the availability of proven, reliable and fast testing tools and methods. XRF Analyzer enable the testing is to be performed by a floor personnel the instruments must be simple to operate and rugged enough to withstand the floor plant environments. Major manufacturers of the consumer electronics products plan on using portable XRF analyzers as the 1st level screening tools in their multi-level compliance programs, the best evidence of the acceptance of this technique by industry.

What we will show?

  • Achievement of minimum detection limits way below a regulatory threshold level of 100 mg/kg for such elements as lead or cadmium.
  • Rapid screening of plastics and resins for presence of brominated flame retardants.
  • Analyze Alloys: XRF Analyzers' performance in analysis of lead in tin solder allows for effective control and prevention of the problem of "tin whiskering"
  • Practical demonstration

Speaker Biographical Sketch

Dr. Stanislaw Piorek has been actively involved for the past 25 years in the research and development of environmental and industrial measurement methods based on the utilization of nuclear and atomic spectroscopic techniques. Dr. Piorek is an internationally acknowledged authority on industrial and environmental applications of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, specifically those involving the use of portable instrumentation. Dr Piorek has been a member of the Editorial Board for Field Analytical Chemistry and Technology, and recently joined the Editorial Board for X-Ray Spectrometry, both of wed, John Wiley's journals. He has been recruited as an Expert and Consultant to International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria. Throughout his career, Dr. Piorek has practiced applied research that provides solutions to customers' analytical problems. Dr. Piorek is a member of professional associations and organizations such as ACS, ASTM, SAS, IEEE.

Date: 10 June 2005 (Friday)
Time: 9.30am – 12.15pm
Venue: Room B6605, 6/F, Lift 3, City University of Hong Kong,
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong,
Hong Kong
Language: English
Fee: Complimentary

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