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Seminar - Reliability Challenges in 3D IC Packaging Technology


A major paradigm change, from 2D IC to 3D IC, is occurring in microelectronic industry. Joule heating is serious in 3D IC, vertical interconnect is the critical element to be developed, and reliability concerns will be extremely important. For example, in order to remove heat, a temperature gradient must exist in the packaging. If we assume just a difference of 1°C across a micro-bump of 10 µm in diameter, the temperature gradient is 1000 °C/cm which can lead to thermomigration. Equally challenging reliability issues are electromigration, stress-migration, warpage of thin chips, and intermetallic compound formation. Since the 3D IC structure is new, the details of reliability problems are mostly unknown. In this talk, the trend in 3D IC packaging technology and a projection of the reliability challenges on the basis of what we have known in flip chip technology will be presented.

Speaker Biographical Sketch

Prof. King-Ning Tu received his Ph. D. degree in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 1968. He spent 25 years at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as Research Staff Member in Physical Science Department. During that period, he also served as Senior Manager of Thin Film Science Department and Materials Science Department for 10 years. In September 1993, he joined the Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA as full professor. He is a Fellow of American Physical Society (APS), The Metallurgical Society (TMS), Materials Research Society (MRS), and an Overseas Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, UK. He was president of MRS in 1981. He has been elected an academician of Academia Sinica, Republic of China in 2002. He has had over 450 journal publications with citations over 14,500 and h-factor of 64. He co-authored a textbook on “Electronic Thin Film Science,” published by Macmillan in 1992, and authored a book on "Solder Joint Technology," published by Springer in June, 2007. His new textbook on "Electronic Thin-Film Reliability" will be published by Cambridge University Press in November, 2010. His research interests are in metal-silicon reactions, solder joint reactions, point contact reactions in nanowires, polarity effect of electromigration on interfacial reactions, and kinetic theories of interfacial reactions. His website is http://www.seas.ucla.edu/eThinFilm/.

Date: 1 December 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Venue: G4701, 4/F, Academic Bldg, City University of Hong Kong,
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong.
Language: English

For seat reservation, please fax the Registration Form to (852)-2788 7579 on / before 1 December 2010.