Textbook (required):   G. Chen: Lecture Notes

References (recommended):

H. X. Li and V. C. Yen:
Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Decision-Making, CRC Press, 1995.

L. X. Wang:
Adaptive Fuzzy Systems and Control, Prentice-Hall, 1994.


1. Fundamental fuzzy mathematics
1.1 fuzzy set theory
1.2 extension principle
1.3 fuzzy membership functions
1.4 interval arithmetic
1.5 fuzzy arithmetic
1.6 elementary fuzzy logic
1.7 circuit design for fuzzy logic

2. Fuzzy systems modeling
2.1 classical to fuzzy modeling
2.2 fuzzy control systems theory:
      controllability, observability and stability
2.3 generation of fuzzy membership functions

3. Fuzzy controllers design
3.1 classical PID controllers
3.2 fuzzy PID controllers
3.3 fuzzy adaptive controllers
3.4 other types of fuzzy controllers
3.5 optimal fuzzy control
3.6 fuzzy adaptive controllers
3.7 applications in robotics

4. Fuzzy decision making and inference
4.1 fuzzy logic inference principles
4.2 fuzzy decision making
4.3 fuzzy relations and fuzzy logic equations
4.4 applications in robot vision and fault detection

5. Some special topics

Computer projects: two per semester