Services for Academic Societies

 Review Papers for the following Journals and Conferences, at least once (1987-2002):


 [1] IEE Electronics Letters (editor: J.Mladenovich)
 [2] IEE Proceedings-D: Control Theory and Applications (editors: L.Bowler, B.Jayawant)
 [3] IEE Proceedings-F: Radar and Signal Processing (editor: K.Ward)
 [4] IEEE Control Systems Magazine (editors: J.Bay, B.Heck)
 [5] IEEE Proceedings (editor: W.Crone)
 [6] IEEE Transactions on Aerospace Electronics Systems (editors: K.Chang, X.Li, G.Siouris)
 [7] IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (editors: A.Antoulas, J.Baillieul, T.Basar, J.Hammer,
                G.Huang, B.Lehman, Q.Li, E.Sontag, B.Sridhar, Q.Zhang)
 [8] IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems (editors: W.K.Chen, H.Chung, T.Endo, O.Feely,
       M.Hasler, H.Kawakami P.Kenedy, M.Ogorzalek, T.Saido, A.Tesi, T.Viswanathan,
       R.Ober, B.Sheu, A.Ushida)
 [9] IEEE Transactions on Communications (editor: R.Cupo)
 [10] IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (editor: F.Svaricek)
 [11] IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (editor: P.Wong)
 [12] IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (editor: K.Man)
 [13] IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (editor: T.Fisher)
 [14] IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (editors: J.Buckley, D.Filev, J.Grantner, T.A.Johansen,
        N.Karayiannis, J.Grantner, R.Palm, J.Yen)
 [15] IEEE Transactions on Mechantronics (editor: T.J.Tarn)
 [16] IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (editors: R.deFigueiredo, K.Lee, G.Yen)
 [17] IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation (editor: R.deFigueiredo)
 [18] IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (editors: R.Blum, P.Doerschuk, D.Johnson,
        Y.Hua, A.Spanias)
 [19] IEEE Transactions on System, Man and Cybernetics (editor: C.Neuman)
 [20] Adaptive Control and Signal Processing (editor: M.Johnson)
 [21] Advances in Computational Mathematics (editor: C.Chui)
 [22] Automatica (editors: T.A.Johansen, H.Nijmeijer, K.Uchida)
 [23] Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering (editor: R.Lewis)
 [24] Control: Theory and Advanced Technology (editor: Y.Sunahara)
 [25] Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (editors: R.deFigueiredo, V.Dolezal, A.Zemanian)
 [26] Dynamics and Control (editors: M.Alexander, A.Nayfeh, T.Vincent)
 [27] Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (editor: T.S.Ng)
 [28] Europhysics Letters (editors: P.Hänggi, E.Thomas)
 [29] Information Sciences (editor: P.Wang)
 [30] Int'l Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing (editor: E.Mosca)
 [31] Int'l Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (editor: L.Chua)
 [32] Int'l Journal of Computer Mathematics (editor: E.Rodin)
 [33] Int' Journal of Control (editors: F.L-Lagarrigue, E.Roger)
 [34] Int'l Journal of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing (editors: A.Katbab, R.Roberts)
 [35] Int'l Journal of Systems Science (editors: C.W.Chan, P.Fleming)
 [36] Journal of Approximation Theory and its Applications (editor: X.C.Shen)
 [37] Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (editors: M.Jamshidi, T.J.Ross, E.Sanchez)
 [38] Journal of the Franklin Institute (editor: T.Manning)
 [39] Latin American Applied Research (editor: J.Moiola)
 [40] Nonlinear Dynamics (editor: A.Nayfeh)
 [41] Optimal Control Applications & Methods (editor: B.Pierson)
 [42] Physica D (editors: L.Kramer, P.Rapp)

 [43] Physics Letters A (editor: C.R.Doering)
 [44] SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (editor: A.Antoulas, H.Huijberts)
 [45] SIAM Review (editors: N.Kazarinoff, J.Lewis)
 [46] Systems & Control Letters (editors: A.Antoulas, J.Willems)



 [47] AIAA Conference on Guidance, Navigation, and Control 1993 (editors: S.Hall, D.Bernstein)
 [48] American Control Conferences 1989, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998 (editors: A.Antoulas, A.Gundes,
        E.Kamen, G.Huang)
 [49] ASME Conference 1995 (editor: M.Dahleh)
 [50] European Control Conference 1997 (editor: U.Kotta)
 [51] FUZZ-IEEE Conference 1996 (editor: D.Kraft)
 [52] IEEE Conference on Control Applications 1992 (editor: R.Yedavalli)
 [53] IEEE Conferences on Decision and Control  1988 - present (every year)
        (editors: A.Antoulas, L.El Ghaoui, J.Hammer, J.Huang, L.R.Hunt, C.F.Lin, Z.Lin,
                    M.V.-Subramanian, M.Verma, H.O.Wang, E.Yaz, X.Yu, S.Zabin,W.X.Zheng)
 [54] IEEE Int'l Conference on Robotics and Automation 1997 (editor: E.Sanchez)
 [55] IEEE Int'l Conference on Neural Networks 1998 (editor: H.Reddy)
 [56] IFAC Conference 1990 (editor: J.B.Pearson)
 [57] Int'l Conference on Control of Oscillations and Chaos 1997 (editor: A.Fradkov)
 [58] Int'l Conference on Information and Control at Argentina RPIC'95 (editor: A.Desages)
 [59] Intíl Specialist Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems 2000 (NDES 2000)
        (editor: G.Setti)
 [60] Int'l Symposium on Circuits and Systems 1994 - persent (every year)
        (editors: D.Bouding, M.Hasler, P.Kennedy, M.Ogorzalek, W.Siu)
 [61] Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation2000 (editor: N.Koussoulas)

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