Graduate Students



City University of Hong Kong


PhD - Granted:

[15] Yu Zhang: September 2016  [Co-supervisor: K W Wong, EE CityU of Hong Kong]

      "Design and Analysis of Multimedia Cryptosystems"

[14] Xinxing Wu: June 2015 [Co-supervisor: Peiyong Zhu, Mathematics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China]

      "Research on Chaoticity and Shadowing Properties of Dynamical Systems"

[13] Andreas C. Joseph: June 2014 [Outstanding Research Thesis Award]

       "Network-based Data-driven Approaches to the Analysis of International Trade and Finace"

[12] Xiong Wang: May 2014

       "Some New Chaotic Attractors: Algebraic, Geometric and Analytic Aspects"

[11] Fan Yan: December 2013 [Co-supervisor: Alan K H Yeung, EE CityU of Hong Kong]

       "Numerical Analysis of Energy Consumption and Lifetime in Complex Sensor-like Networks"

[10] Wilson W. K. Thong: March 2013

       "Deflection Routing in Complex Networks"

[9] Guanghui Wen: May 2012 [Co-supervisor: Zhisheng Duan, College of Engineering, Peking University, China]

      "Consensus Control of Multi-agent Systems with Limited Communication Time and Its Applications"

[8] Alexander Jiménez Triana: March 2012 [Co-supervisor: Alain Gauthier, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Bogotá, Colombia]

     "Discontinuous Control of Chaotic Systems"

[7] Kitdakorn Klmkarn: April 2011 [Co-supervisor: Pitikhate Sooraksa, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand]

     "Construction of Chaotic Attractors and its Applications"

[6] Wenwu Yu: August 2010

     "Multi-agent Collective Behaviors Analysis and Applications in Complex Networks and Systems"

[5] Gang Yan: May 2010 [Co-supervisor: Zhongqian Fu, University of Science and Technology of China]

     "On Some Problems of Diffusion and Transmission in Complex Networks"

[4] Chengqing Li: December 2008

     "On the Security of Some Multimedia Encryption Schemes"

[3] Zhengping Fan: May 2006

      "Complex Networks: From Topology to Dynamics"

[2] Shutang Liu: June 2002 [Co-supervisor: Yongqing Liu, South China University of Technology, China]

     "Chaos Control and Synchronization in 2-D Discrete Dynamical Systems"

      [Awarded one of the "Best 100 PhD Theses" in China in 2004]

[1] Jinhu Lu: June 2002 [Co-supervisor: Suochun Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China]

      "A Unified Chaotic System and its Study"

      [Awarded one of the "Best 100 PhD Theses" in China in 2004]


MPhil Granted:


[4] Xu Zhang: June 2009 [Co-supervisor: Yuming Shi, Shandong University, China]

     "Coupled-expanding Maps and Chaos"

     [Awarded one of the Best Master Theses by Shandong University, 2010] and

     [Awarded one of the Best Master Theses by Shandong Province, 2010]

[3] Wilson W. K. Thong: August 2007

     "Studying the Optimization-driven Router-level Network Topology — Empirical Data Analysis"

[2] Shanshan Zhang: August 2007

    "Some Improvement of Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy PID Controllers with Applications"

[1] Zhong Zhang: August 2006

     "Chaotic Liquid Shaker: Design, Implementation and Application"











University of Houston, Texas, USA

PhD Granted: [from China, Jordan, Mexico, Thailand, USA]


[11] Mohammad Ababneh: August 2004.

        "Digital Redesign of Uncertain Nonlinear Control System"

[10] Juan Gonzalo Barajas-Ramírez 2002.
        "Analog-Digital Hybrid Chaos Synchronization"

[9] Jialiang Lu: December 1999.
       "Predictive Fuzzy PID Control - Theory, Analysis, and Applications"

[8] Liang Chen: May 1998.
       "Predictive Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Chaotic Systems"

[7] Ya-Chen Hsu: December 1998.
       "An Integrated Approach to Fuzzy Modeling and Control"

[6] Jerry Streuding: May 1996.
       "Analysis of System Response, Stability Robustness and Controller Design of Robotic Manipulators with Time Delays"

[5] Pitikhate Sooraksa: August 1996.[News 1] [News 2]
      "Mathematical Modeling and Fuzzy PID Control for Flexible Link  Robots"

[4] Dave Misir: August 1996.
      "New Design, Stability Analysis and Applications of Auto-Tuned Fuzzy PID Controllers"

[3] Delin Zhang: August 1996.
      "Controlling Gray-Box Type of Robotic Systems: A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach"

[2] James N. Ortiz: August 1996. [News]
      "Intelligent Control of a Complex and Multi-Constrained Planning System for Space Station Crew Training"

[1] Xiaoning Dong: August 1994.
    "Controlling Chaotic Systems: An Engineering Control Approach"

MS Granted: [from Argentina, China, Germany, India, Iran, Lebanon, USA]


[24] Rayanallur S. Ranganathan: May 2000.
       "Fuzzy Predictive PI Control for Large Time Delay Processes''

[23] Zhengying Fan: May 2000.
       "A New Suboptimal Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Hybrid Nonlinear Systems"

[22] Ben Carranza: May 2000.
       "Algorithm for Computer Simulation of Dual-Arm Robots"

[21] Peiyun Wu: December 1998.
       "A Fuzzy System for Laser Coagulation Front Detection''

[20] Qingxian Xie: December 1998.
       "Chaos Synchronization for Signal Identification''

[19]  Shengyi Hou: Spring 1996.
       "A New Approach to Automatic PID Tuning: The Large Zeta Tuning Method''

[18]  Henrik Stotz: Spring 1996.
       "Fuzzy Logic Motion Control of a Two-Link Robot Arm Model''

[17] Gang Chen: Fall 1995.
       "Estimation and Control of Chaotic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Time Series Data''

[16] Lang Cheng: Fall 1995.
       "Optimal Trajectory Planning for Robotic Manipulators: A Spline-Wavelet Approach''

[15] Jianrong Wang: Fall 1995.
       "Interval Kalman Filtering for Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Parameter Uncertainties''

[14] Jian Dong: Summer 1995.
       "Design of a Fuzzy Expert System for Spacecraft Water Recovery and Fault Management''

[13] Jianxiong Xu: Spring 1995.

        "Digital Redesign for Control of the Chaotic Chua's Circuit''

[12] Yanhong Zhang: December 1994.
        "Design and Implementation of a Robot Vision System: A Fuzzy Linguistic Approach"

[11] Mohan Upadhyaya: May 1994.
       "Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Optimal Trajectory Planning of Uncertain Flexible-Joint Robots''

[10] Weiming Tang: December 1993.
       "Robust Fuzzy Control of Flexible-Joint Robot Arm with Uncertainties''

[9] Jing Lu: December 1993.
       "Numerical Comparison of Different Extended Kalman Filtering Algorithms for Nonlinear Systems"

[8] Huaidong Li: December 1993.
       "Fuzzy PD Controller Design and Analysis''

[7] Robert Danow: December 1993.
       "Sensitivity for Nonlinear Systems with Volterra Series Expansions''

[6] Reza Azad: December 1993.
       "Global Feedback Linearization Approach to Nonlinear Systems Control:
        A Computer Simulation Study of a Single-Link Flexible-Joint Robot Arm Model and Its Robust Control''

[5] Huaiyi Wu: August 1993.
       "Suboptimal Kalman Filtering for Linear Systems with Non-Gaussian Noise''

[4] Ying Xiong: December 1992.
       "Optimal Image Reconstruction Based on Partial Differential Equation Models"

[3] Xiangyang Qi: December 1991.
       "Kinematics and Dynamics of Flexible-Link Robot Arms: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation"

[2] Albadalla Najjar: August 1991.
       "Optimal Trajewctory Planning of Flexible-Joint Robot Arms with Small Rotational Angles''

[1] Jorge L. Moiola: August 1991.
      "Bifurcations in Nonlinear Systems Using Frequency Domain Analysis''