In City University of Hong Kong:

     * Teaching Awards: EE Department, CityU of Hong Kong, in 2013 and 2014 (level-6 courses, second prize), 2015 (level-6 courses, first prize), 2018 (level-1 courses, first prize), 2019 (level-2 courses, first prize), 2020 (level-2 courses, ourstanding)

Postgraduate Courses:

   - EE 6605 -  Complex Networks: Modeling, Dynamics and Control (SemB'07, SemB'08, SemB'09, SemB'10, SemB'11, Summer'12, Sem'B13, SemB'14, SemB'15, SemB'16, SemB'17, SemA'20, SemA'21, SemA'22)

   - EE 64152 - Introduction to Fuzzy Informatics and Intelligent Systems (SemB'01, SemB'02, SemB'03, SemB'04, SemB'05, SemB'06)

   Undergraduate Courses:

   - EE 3114 -  Systems and Control (SemB'18, SemA'19)

  GE 2318 -  From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science (SemB'11, SemB'12, SemB'13, SemB'14, SemA'15, SemA'16, SemA'17, SemA'18, SemB'19, SemB'20, SemB'21, SemB'22)

  GE 2301 -  Science and Technology: From Past to Future (SemB'09, SemA'09, SemB'10)


In the Past ......

In University of Houston:

Undergraduate Courses:

    - ECE 4375/4115              - Automatic Control Systems (Fall’92, Fall’94, Spring’97, Spring’99)

    - ECE 5335/6325/5115     - State-Space Control Systems (Fall’93, Spring’94, Fall’95, Spring’98)

    - Courses taught before

Graduate Courses:

    - ECE 6310       - Engineering Robotics (Fall’90, Fall’91, Fall’92, Spring’93, Spring’94, Spring’95, Spring’96, Spring’97, Fall’98, Fall’99)

    - ECE 7331       - Nonlinear Control Systems (Spring’96, Fall’97)

    - ECE 7332       - Stochastic Control Systems (Fall’91, Spring’93, Fall’95, Fall’96, Spring’99)

    - ECE 7333       - Optimal Control Systems (Fall’94, Fall’98)

    - ECE 7397       - Fuzzy Control Systems (Spring’95, Fall’96, Spring’98)

    - ECE 7397      - Advanced Nonlinear Control Systems (Spring’92, Fall’93, Fall’99)


Short Courses