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High Level Instruction Set Computer (HISC) supports Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in hardware level. HISC provides the information of objects to hardware through the use of hardware readable tables and a data structure called Operand Descriptor (OD). An implementation of the HISC architecture, which currently named jHISC, is under research. It is a 32-bit processor that developed mainly targets for JAVA. jHISC is still under research currently and the current version is jHISC v3.

In the jHISC v3 architecture, the instruction length is 32-bit . The information of variables and references will been stored Operand Descriptor. Currently, 2 different kinds of Operand Descriptor are provided to adopt different data. Each instruction of jHISC contains index called Operand Descriptor Index (ODI). Each ODI points to a corresponding entry (which represented as an Operand Descriptor) of an Operand Descriptor Table (ODT) pointed by Operand Descriptor Table Base Address Register(ODTBR).

Operand Descriptor Table

In jHISC v3, all things are treated as object. Refer to Object-Oriented Programming structure, there are 3 possible kinds of object. The 3 kinds of object are represented by class context, instant context and method context in jHISC. Each object will associate will an Object Header (OH) which contains varies information of the object such as object type, GC information and synchronization information.

Block Diagram of jHISC