iOS Mobile App Development and Networking

EE4304 Semester A 2016/2017.


Nov. 22, 2016: Final Report Submission
I would like to remind that the deadline for the final report submission is 29th Nov. 2016 (week 14). Here are the details of the requirements for the final report submission:
  • Hard copy of the final report (Submit it to my office Room G6506)
  • Soft copy of the final report, presentation ppt file, source code of project in zip file, apk file, poster (optional) and promotion video (optional) are sent to course gmail account (
  • If your app will be available in the Apple App Store, please send your link within your submission email.

Nov. 12, 2016: Final Presentation with demo and Final Report
Students are reminded to well prepare for your course project final presentation with following requirements:
  • Implement a complete version of your app. This version should be feature complete and fully polished.
  • Each presentation must be at least 20 minutes long with about 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • A complete story of the developed app should be presented in this final presentation with demo.
  • A short video to introduce the developed app is recommended which can demonstrate the main features of the developed app.
  • A final report with source code, ppt and promotion video of the app are required to submit on week 14 with all details of the project.
  • The project report template can be downloaded here.
  • It is recommended to use the lab sheet style to provide the detail implementation of your app. One of the crtiria on final report assessment is whether the report can provide sufficent information and details to rebuild or maintain the development of the developed app.

Course Description

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the principle and hands-on experience on iOS app development and networking with use of Swift programming language. The course combines a conceptual overview, design issues, and practical development via iOS app development projects. Students will learn to use iOS development tools such as Xcode, design interfaces and interactions and evaluate their usability, and integrate camera, photo, and location information to enhance iOS apps.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs


  • Overview of iOS Architecture
  • iOS Development Tools: Xcode
  • iOS Porgramming Language: Swift
  • User Interface and Functionality Design
  • Model-View-Control (MVC)
  • iOS Networking
  • Multimedia and Animation
  • Map Kit and Core Location
  • Core Data and Secure Data Storage
  • iOS Apps Distribution


  • EE2311 Object-oriented Programming and Design and
  • EE2004 Microcomputer Systems

Level and Units:

  • B4 Level with 3 CUs

Lecture and Laboratory:

  • Tuesday, 9:00am to 12:00nn
  • Student Terminal Room (P1442)


Dr. Po Lai-Man
  • Phone: 3442-7779
  • Room: AC1 G6506



Mr. KAN W. K.

Teaching Assistants:

Mr. LIU Mengyang


  • Laboratories - 15%
  • Individual Project - 5%
  • Mid-Term Exam - 30%
  • Project - 50% (5% Proposal + 15% Progress Report + 30% Final Report)


  • Lecture attendance: Required. You are responsible for whatever is taught in the lecture and tutorial.

  • Submission of Lab and Project Reports:
    1. Hardcopies are not required.
    2. Softcopies such as MS-Word file, Presentation, Source Code and associated files are required to send to the course gmail account before 5:00PM of the due date.
    3. EE4304 course gmail address:

  • Late Submission:
    1. Assignments and lab reports mush be received by the course email account before 6:00PM on the due date.
    2. NO late homework is accepted without previous arrangement with the instructor.
    3. If approved, late HW receives 10% per business day penalty.
    4. Write your name and student number on the top right corner of the paper.
    5. Write your answers legibly and derive all of the steps to show your work clearly.
    6. No credits will be given to answers without showing the steps.
    7. Students may work together on the homework, but copying is unacceptable.

  • Lab Attendance Policy:
    1. To pass the EE4304 course, a laboratory attendance of at least 75% is required.
    2. As there are 9 lab sessions, absence of more than three lab sessions is considered as not satisfying the attendance requirements.
    3. In each session, late arrival of more than half hour (30 mins) is regarded as an absence.
    4. For late arrival of less than 30 mins, the late arrival time is accumulated. If student has accumulated late arrival time more than 45 mins, he/she is also considered as not satisfying the 75% attendance requirements.

  • Hardware: Students are encouraged to bring personal laptops to class for completing the labs. Some iPhone and iPad devices could be checked out to most students in the class. Students are responsible for taking excellent care of their iOS devices, and returning them by the final exam, so the devices can be used in future courses.

  • Cheating: in particular copying your fellow classmate's assignments or programs, is a very serious offense! If you are found cheating, you will automatically get an F grade in this course and your act will be reported to the Department for necessary disciplinary actions. Please don't let others copy your assignments or programs as we don't have a way to tell who is copying who and you may be liable to the penalties.