Mobile Applications Design and Development

Don't do it for marks, be proud of your apps.

Students will work in teams with FOUR or FIVE students per group to implement and deploy Android Mobile apps of their proposed applications. Each team is expected to apply best software development practices such as using software configuration management, and select appropriate supporting tools.

The asscessment of the course project is based on the following 2 activities:
  1. Proposal and Presenation
    • The proposed apps must be non-trivial, ideally incorporating multiple significant features of the Android platform. The proposed app should satisfy at least one or two of the following categories:
      • humanitarian (i.e. it improves quality of life in some significant way)
      • monetizable (i.e. it could generate a profit)
    • The proposal must include research to similar apps that are available in the Google Play. Students are required to justify that their idea either adds a significant feature, or would be implemented in a way that is a significant improvement over the existing app.
    • In the proposal, express the vision and story of the proposed app.
    • Template of the project proposal:
      1. App Name
      2. Names of students in the team
      3. Summary of the project (about half page)
      4. Vision and Story of the app
      5. Explain the major functions of the proposed app and the related theory.
      6. Software archtecture and User Interface Design (Some draft screen layouts to get you thinking about layout. The layouts can be handwritten for this milestone.)
      7. Market Research with competitive Analysis (who are competitors, how successful are they, how is your idea different)
    • At least two members of the project teams are required to involve in the 5-minute proposal presentation on week 5.
    • The project proposal template can be downloaded here.
    • Deadline: The proposal must be upload to the CANVAS Group Project Proposal assignment on or before 11.00pm on 14th Feb 2023.

  2. Final Presentation with demo and Final Report
    • Implement a complete version of your app. This version should be feature complete and fully polished.
    • Project Teams are required to give an oral presentation of their completed apps on week 12 or 13.
    • All members of the project team must participate in the final oral presentation, and the presentation time is about 13 minutes with 2 minutes for question and answer.
    • A complete story of the developed app should be presented in this final presentation with demo.
    • A short video to introduce the developed app is required which can demonstrate the main features of the developed app.
    • The requirements are same as the progress presentation and Progress Report as listed above.
    • The project final report template can be downloaded here.
    • A final report with source code, ppt, mini-poster and promotion video of the app are required to submit on week 14 with all details of the project.

  3. Project Directions

    Project Presentation: Section A - 4 April 2023

    Group 1 : Do It
    • ZHANG Chen, DING Ying, GUO Wensheng, JIN Yekai, XIAO Chengwen

    Group 2 : Easy Study Abroad Life(ESAL)

    • CHEN Jingtao, ZHU Mengyuan, ZHANG Zheying, WANG Xiang, BAI Yucheng

    Group 3 : Partyfind 派寻

    • Xue Songnan, Yang Jingjun, Li Xiao, Fan Jiaqi, Wu Bingyan

    Group 4 : CityU Space

    • HAO Ruijia, HUANG Yuqing, SUN Jingyi,WU Zhouyang, WANG Pengchu

    Group 5 : New to HK

    • QIAN Liang, LIU Yiming,ZHAO Wang, WEI Fangyu, DONG Yanting

    Group 6 : My Account Book

    • Xu Yinglu, Xu Zeyuan, Zhang Yuchen, Zhang Bo, Wu Haoxuan

    Group 7 : INwork - Make Collaboration Easier

    • Kangyao Lyu, Yuchen Liang, Meng Du, Yifei Sun, Yilin Zhang

    Group 8 : Rabbit DO

    • TANG Junyao, KANG Longxi, JIN Jiangwei, YI Yi, ZHANG Fangshuo

    Group 9 : Online Android Video Player APP

    • LIU Yihao, Shao Wenbin, Wang Jin, Zhen Tianxing, Dai Zixian

    Group 10 : Simple Account

    • Huang Xiaoyan, Zhu Cheng, Mao Yuhuai, Luo Chun, Hong Mingyang

    Project Presentation: Section B - 11 April 2023

    Group 11 : Time&Zone
    • GUO Yuhang, OU Zhengwang, WANG Yuanxing, LI Zeqin, ZHANG Hanxiang,

    Group 12 : ONE

    • JIANG Mingchen, WANG Mingyuan, LIN Zexin, WANG Zhida, CHEN Qing

    Group 13 : SmartChill

    • WEI Rongfeng, WANG Shiqiu, DING Yuxing, ZHAO Xinyang, SHI Jinyang

    Group 14 : Travel Convenient

    • Chen Zongkai, Dai Leyang, Zheng Shiyu, Liu Haoyu, Yuan Haidong

    Group 15 : Smart Reader

    • LI Donghao, MA Tongxin, MO Junting, Fan Rongqing, Du Chenghan

    Group 16 : An outdoor real-time track recording and photo sharing APP

    • Zhang Qingshu, XUAN Ran, DUAN YINONG, LYU Zexuan, Jiang Zhengqiang

    Group 17 : Share Block

    • Deng Yuchen, ZHANG Ruizhe, YE Ziyue, LI Han, YANG Yi

    Group 18 : Restaurant self-service ordering system

    • WU Xun, Wang Benyuan, Wang Yaqin, Zheng Jiacheng, Wang Boda

    Group 19 : Every Penny

    • YUAN Yahui , SHI Xu, LUO Junyuan, ZHOU Ziyang, SHEN Sihan

    Group 20 : Food Basket

    • WANG Ziyi, YU Linsheng, JI Xiaocheng, LIU Zhiyi, YE Mengmeng