Dr. Ray C.C. Cheung

since 2010

  1. NEW CityU Apps Lab - Campuswide project

  2. NEW CALAS Research Group

  3. Received CityU Teaching Excellence Award 2012

  4. CityU Teaching Excellence Award 2012 - University featured story

  5. Aug 29, 2013: CityU Apps Lab opening - Featured story

  6. Aug 23, 2013: New GE1314 Ironman Newsletter - Featured story

  7. July 26, 2013: Course work: Creating our own Gems Crush - Featured story

  8. April 2014, Organizing ARC2014 (Publicity Chair) in Vilamoura, Portugal

  9. December 2013, Organizing MR.BDI (Program Committee) in Sydney, Australia

  10. November 2013, Organizing EUC2013 (Program Committee) in Zhangjiajie, China

  11. October 2013, Organizing RSP2013 (Program Committee) in Montreal, Canada

  12. Stepember 2013, Organizing FPL2013 (Publicity Co-Chair) in Portugal

  13. August 2013, Organizing CPSCom2013 (Panel Chair) in Beijing,China

  14. August 2013, Organizing ICCCF2013 (General Co-Chair) in Hong Kong

  15. August 2013, Organizing ICSPCC2013 (Track Chair) in Yunnan, China

  16. ISVLSI Conference accepted: "Configurable Architecture for Double / Two-Parallel Single Precision Floating Point Division".

  17. CSSP Journal accepted: "Series Expansion based Efficient Architectures for Double Precision Floating Point Division".

  18. TCAS-II Journal accepted: "Unified Architecture for Double / Two-Parallel Single Precision Floating Point Adder".

  19. Microelectronics Journal Journal accepted: "An FPGA based Scalable Architecture of a Stochastic State Point Process Filter (SSPPF) to Track the Nonlinear Dynamics Underlying Neural Spiking".

  20. CSSP Journal accepted: "E-TCAM: An Efficient SRAM-based Architecture for TCAM".

  21. TC Journal accepted: "Architecture Support for Task Out-of-order Execution in MPSoCs".

  22. TVLSI Journal accepted: "Z-TCAM: An SRAM-based Architecture for TCAM".

  23. Cryptologia Journal accepted: "Efficient Pairing Computation on Huff Curves".

  24. JCSC Journal accepted: "Sigma-Delta Modulator using Gain-boost Class-C Inverter For Audio Applications".

  25. EL Journal accepted: "High-data-rate FSK demodulator for wireless communication".

  26. ICINS'13 Conference accepted: "Analysis The Montgomery Ladder Algorithm For Elliptic Curves over Ternary Fields".

  27. ELEX Journal accepted: "Montgomery Multiplier over F2m".

  28. JSSC Journal accepted: "A 0.8-V 230-uW 98-dB DR Inverter-Based Sigma-delta Modulator for Audio Applications".

  29. TPDS Journal accepted: "Design Exploration of Geometric Biclustering for Microarray Data Analysis in Data Mining".

  30. Neurocomputing Journal Journal accepted: "GPU-based Biclustering for Microarray Data Analysis in Neurocomputing".

  31. ICMLC'13 Paper accepted: "Noise Filtering and Occurrence Identification of Mous Ultrasonic Vocalization Call".

  32. FPL'13 Poster accepted: "Design Space Explorations of Hybrid-Partitioned TCAM (HP-TCAM)".

  33. FPL'13 Poster accepted: "FPGA IP Protection by Binding Finite State Machine to Physical Unclonable Function".

  34. Microelectronics Journal Journal accepted: "Parallel Architecture for DNA Sequence Inexact Match with Burrows-Wheeler Transform".

  35. TC Journal accepted: "Novel RNS Parameter Selection for Fast Modular Multiplication".

  36. TBCAS Journal accepted: "Real-Time Prediction of Neuronal Population Spiking Activity Using FPGA".

  37. EMBC'13 Paper accepted: "A Customizable Stochastic State Point Process Filter (SSPPF) for Neural Spiking Activity".

  38. FCCM'13 Poster accepted: "Binding Hardware IPs to Specific FPGA Device via Inter-twining the PUF Response with the FSM of Sequential Circuits".

  39. Computer Communications Journal accepted: "A Memory-Based NFA Regular Expression Match Engine for Signature-Based Intrusion Detection".

  40. Microelectronics Journal Journal accepted: "Area-Efficient Architectures for Double Precision Multiplier on FPGA, with Run-time-Reconfigurable Dual Single Precision Support".

  41. TCAS II Journal accepted: "A Flexible and Customizable Architecture for Relaxation Labelin g Algorithm".

  42. ISCAS'13 poster accepted: "A Reconfigurable Architecture for Real-Time Prediction of Neural Activity".

  43. FPGA'13 poster accepted: "Genome Sequencing Using MapReduce on FPGA with Multiple Hardware Accelerators".

  44. August 2012, Organized TALE2012 (Workshop Chair) in Hong Kong

  45. August 2012, Organized ICSPCC2012 (Publication Chair) in Hong Kong

  46. March 19-23, 2012, Organized ARC2012 in Hong Kong (General Co-Chair)

  47. FPT Archive: IEEE ICFPT Archive

  48. Oct 14, 2011, Officially published FYP student project, CampusVR, for City University of Hong Kong.Download Now

  49. Oct 7, 2011, Prof. Lionel Torres, Professor, Montpellier 2, Polytech'Montpellier, France, visited our group.

  50. Oct, 2011, Visiting Scholar from Germany - Mr. Gregor Molter, Darmstadt

  51. Sept, 2011, New Master candidate - Mr. Qilong Kou

  52. Sept, 2011, New Master candidate - Mr. Chunmiao Yu

  53. Sept 2011, Student Exchange: Wei Zhang visiting Princeton University.

  54. Aug 2011, New PhD Candidate: Benben Liu.

  55. Aug 2011, New PhD Candidate: Manish Jaiswal.

  56. Aug 2011, New PhD Candidate: Donald Chen.

  57. Aug 2011, Student Exchange: Will Li visiting University of Southern California.

  58. Paper accepted: IEEE PhoneCom 2011 - CampusVR, Tse, Chung and Cheung - July 2011.

  59. Paper accepted: IEEE IECON 2011 - FPGA-based High-Throughput and Area-Efficient Architectures of the Hummingbird Cryptography, Min and Cheung - June 2011.

  60. July 2011, Graduated: Master candidate Xuhui Wu.

  61. July 2011, Graduated: Master candidate Xiaoyong Yang.

  62. Feb, 2011, Our team member, Vincent, received an offering letter from CMU.

  63. March 2, 2011, Posters accepted in the FCCM conference, USA, 2011.

  64. Feb 11, 2011, Dr. Patrick Lee, Assistant Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, visited our group.

  65. Jan, 2011, Posters accepted in the Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE) conference, Grenoble, France, 2011.

  66. Jan 3, 2011, Dr. Brittle Tsoi, System Manager, Imperial College London, visited our group.

  67. Dec 30, 2010, Ms Rosa Chan, PhD Candidate at University of Southern California, visited our group.

  68. Dec 21, 2010, Agilent Technical Engineers, visited our group and gave a demo session.

  69. Dec 19, 2010, Prof. Peter Cheung, Dept of EEE, Head, Imperial College London, visited our group.

  70. Dec, 2010, Dipl.-Ing. Marc Stöttinger, Research Associate, CASED, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, visited our group.

  71. Dec, 2010, Paper presented in IEEE International Conference on Field Programmable Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

  72. Dec, 2010, Research Lab Visit - Nokia Research Lab, Beijing head office, China.

  73. Nov, 2010, Mr. Alan Cheung, Principal Engineer, ASTRI, HK Science Park, visited our group

  74. Nov, 2010, Prof. Patrick Hung, Assistant Professor at Stanford University, visited our group

  75. Nov, 2010, Prof. Wayne Luk, IEEE Fellow, Professor at Imperial College, visited our group

  76. Oct, 2010, Joining the Apple iOS Developer Program University Program

  77. Sept, 2010, New Master candidate - Mr. Xuhui Wu

  78. Sept, 2010, New Master candidate - Mr. Xiaoyong Yang

  79. Aug, 2010, New Ph.D. candidate - Mr. Wei Zhang

  80. Aug, 2010, New Ph.D. candidate - Mr. Xiangyu Li

  81. Aug, 2010, Paper accepted in International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology, Beijing, 2010.

  82. Aug, 2010, New Research Fellow - Dr. Chiwai Yu

  83. July, 2010, Research Visit - Yao (2-months) visiting K.U.Leuven, ESAT/COSIC, Belgium.

  84. June, 2010, Paper presented in IEEE International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping, George Mason University, USA.


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High-Performance & Customisable Biomedical and Bioinformatics Computing, Reconfigurable Trusted Computing, VLSI/FPGA Circuit Designs, Cryptography, System-on-Chip Architecture, Embedded System Designs


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