Code for Shiu Yin Yuen, Yuen Yan Tsui, Chi Kin Chow, ¡§A Fast Marching Formulation of Perspective Shape from Shading under Frontal Illumination¡¨, Pattern Recognition Letters.



The zip file consists of seven C program files:


  1. Generalized_SfS_Main.C
  2. Generalized_SfS_Main.H
  3. \SfS_Structure\SfS_Structure.H
  4. \SfS_Project_Kernel\SfS_Project_Kernel.C
  5. \SfS_Project_Kernel\SfS_Project_Kernel.H
  6. \Perspecitve_FMM_Frontal_Kernel\Perspecitve_FMM_Frontal_Kernel.C
  7. \Perspecitve_FMM_Frontal_Kernel\Perspecitve_FMM_Frontal_Kernel.H
  8. \ACC_Math_Kernel\ACC_Math_Kernel.C
  9. \ACC_Math_Kernel\ACC_Math_Kernel.H


for users to construct their customized perspective SfS application. In addition, four sets of depth, image and project files including:


  1. Four mountains*
  2. Sphere*
  3. Vase*
  4. Mozart*


are provided as test examples. The details of this source code can be found in the user guide PRL_SourceCode_UserGuide.pdf


The code is available in zip format (The winzip software is available from


* are perspectively viewed models which based on the models downloaded from (R. Zhang, P.-S Tsai, J.E. Cryer and M. Shah., Computer vision Lab. of UCF,)