Source Code of Continuous Non-Revisiting Genetic Algorithm (cNrGA) in

C.K. Chow and S.Y. Yuen, ˇ§Continuous non-revisiting genetic algorithm with overlapped search sub-region,ˇ¨ Proc. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), June, 2012.

Source code             

Compile environment  :  Matlab 2009a

Operation System           :  Microsoft Windows XP SP3


Main flow of the program:




How to add a new test function?

For example, a test function that the fitness is the sum of the absolute values in all dimension:


We can program a function in "FitnessFunction.m" as follows:

    case 35


After that, adding the search space of this function into ˇ§FitnessFunctionInfo_Loading.mˇ¨ as follows:

    case 35

        FitnessFunction_searchspace = [-100*ones(no_dimension,1) 100*ones(no_dimension,1)];

Finally, set the FitnessFunction_Index in ˇ§cNrGA_example1.mˇ¨ to "35" (this example uses 35 as the new test function index).