Department of Electronic Engineering, CityU HK


CHAN, Wing-Shing
B.Sc.(Eng) London, Ph.D. CityU, CEng, MIEE, MIEEE, MHKIE.

Associate Professor

Room: G6508 Tel: (852) 3442-7804 Fax: (852) 2788-7791 Email:

Dr. Chan graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London in 1982 where he then joined Plessey Radar in the newly formed Solid-state Techniques Department. In this department, he was responsible for the design of various microwave components and sub-systems, which were to form part of the world's first solid-state radar transmitter at s-band.

In 1984, Dr. Chan joined Microwave Engineering Designs Limited as one of the four founding members. The company specialized in RF/microwave consultancy where he was eventually responsible for customer liaison, project planning, procurement specification, documentation and the design of various RF/microwave components and sub-systems. The company won a national award sponsored by Barclays Bank, for export achievements by new companies. Dr. Chan also won a grant in a national competition for the most promising young professional engineer, organized by the IEE, to attend the European Microwave Conference held in Dublin in 1986.

Dr. Chan joined the Department of Electronic Engineering, the City University (Polytechnic) of Hong Kong in 1988 as a Lecturer. Apart from his normal teaching duties he was consultant to the Hong Kong Radio Paging Association, Member of OFTA's Radio Spectrum Advisory Committee and has performed consultancy projects with companies that include the MTR, KCR and HKO. He is presently an Associate Professor and BEngECE Programme Leader of the same department.


RF/Microwave Engineering, Communication Engineering


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