Prof. CHAN Yan-Cheong

Ph.D. (Imperial College, London), FIEEE, DIC, MSc (Eng), BSc (Eng), ACGI, CEng, FIET, FHKIE

Director, EPA Centre*
Chair Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
* Centre for Electronic Packaging and Assemblies, Failure Analyysis and Reliability Engineering

Electronic Product Reliability and Electronic Packaging, Failure Analysis and Reliability Engineering

230+ International refereed journals, 1 UK patent, 100+ conference proceedings, and 4 Books. Total ISI citation: 3500+; H-index: 32

Representative Publications:
Section A – Five representative publications in the recent five years:

  1. Asit Kumar Gain, Y.C. Chan, “The influence of a small amount of Al and Ni nano-particles on the microstructure, kinetics and hardness of Sn-Ag-Cu solder on OSP-Cu pads” Intermetallics, 29 (2012), 48-55. (Impact Factor: 1.649)
  2. Y. C. Chan, D.Yang, “Failure mechanisms of solder interconnect under current stressing in advanced electronic packages”, Progress in Material Science, 55 (2010), 428-475. (Impact factor: 15.769)
  3. Qing-Yuan Tang, Y.C. Chan, Kaili Zhang, “Fast response resistive humidity sensitivity of polyimide/multiwall carbon nanotube composite films”, Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 152:1(2011) 99–106. (SCI Impact factor: 3.083)
  4. J. Shen, Y.C. Chan, S.Y. Liu, “Growth mechanism of Ni3Sn4 in a Sn/Ni liquid/solid interfacial reaction”, Acta Materialia, 57:17 (2009) 5196-5206. (SCI Impact factor: 3.729)
  5. D. Yang, Y.C. Chan and K.N. Tu, “The time-dependent melting failure in flip chip lead-free solder interconnects under current stressing”, Applied Physics Letters, 93 (2008) 041907. (SCI Impact factor: 3.844)

Section B – Five representative publications beyond the recent five-year period:

  1. Y. C. Chan, A. C. K. So, J.K.L. Lai, Growth kinetic studies of Cu-Sn intermetallic compound and its effect on shear strength of LCCC SMT solder joints, Materials Science and Engineering B, (1998) B55 (1-2), pp. 5-13. Cited 89 times.
  2. P.L Tu, Y.C. Chan, J. K. L. Lai, Effect of intermetallic compounds on the thermal fatigue of surface mount solder joints, IEEE Transactions on Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Part B, (1997) 20 (1), pp. 87-93. Cited 81 times.
  3. M. O. Alam, Y. C. Chan, K. N.Tu, Effect of reaction time and P content on mechanical strength of the interface formed between eutectic Sn-Ag solder and Au/electroless Ni(P)/Cu bond pad Journal of Applied Physics, (2003)  94 (6), pp. 4108-4115. Cited 76 times.
  4. M. O. Alam, Y. C. Chan, K. C. Hung, Reliability study of the electroless Ni-P layer against solder alloy Microelectronics Reliability, (2002) 42 (7), pp. 1065-1073. Cited 74 times.
  5. Y. C. Chan, D. Y. Luk, Effects of bonding parameters on the reliability performance of anisotropic conductive adhesive interconnects for flip-chip-on-flex packages assembly II. Different bonding pressure Microelectronics Reliability, (2002) 42 (8), pp. 1195-1204. Cited 66 times.


EE6613, EE6614