Alumni Updates

Dr YUM Tsz Yin (2002 BEngEE, 2005 PhD)

Executive Director
Sky Light Holding Ltd

Dr AHLGREN John Bengt Stureson (2015 PhD)

Staff Software Engineer and Machine Learning Specialist
Facebook, London, United Kingdom

Miss NG Chak Lam Rica
Miss NG Chak Lam Rica (2020 BEngINFE)

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Graduate Engineer
MTR Corporation Limited

Mr HUI Kam Leung
Mr HUI Kam Leung (2019 BEngINFE)

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Software Engineer
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Parce Yeung
Mr YEUNG Pak To Parco (2019 BEngECE)

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Chief Technology Officer
Solar Man Air Conditioning, Limited

WONG Yiu Ting Samson
Mr WONG Yiu Ting Samson (2018 BEngINFE)

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Account Technology Strategist
Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Mr LAU Kin Wai Steven
Mr LAU Kin Wai Steven (2017 BEngINFE)

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Algorithm Engineer (CV Team)
TCL Research Hong Kong

Mr HUANG Pan Ben
Mr HUANG Pan Ben (2016 BEngCE)

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Technical Lead
VeServe Company Limited

Miss PANG Yuk Yee Yui
Miss PANG Yuk Yee Yui (2016 BEngINFE)

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Chinese YMCA College

Miss YAO Xuewen May
Miss YAO Xuewen May (2016 BEngINFE)

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Graduate Research Assistant
The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)

Mr Oswis Wong
Mr WONG Yee Tak Oswis (2012 BEngECE)

CEO & Co-founder
Air Button