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Gateway Education

Gateway Education (GE) enables student to make a more informed choice of major and augments and rounds out the specialised training students will receive in their majors by providing exposure to cutting-edge knowledge and ideas that cross multiple disciplines. GE courses comprise roughly 25% of the total credit units in the 4-year degree structure starting in 2012.

GE provides students with multi-disciplinary learning experiences. It helps them acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for completing University studies and prepares them to be life-long learners and active, informed citizens who can thrive in a complex and continuously changing world.

GE courses offered by EE

(Distributional Area 3 Science and Technology)

GE1314 Ironman: The Art and Science of Robots in Our Society
GE1322 Neural Interface: Technology, Culture, and Society
GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society
GE1342 Light: From Double Rainbows to Optical Fibres
GE1354 Introduction to Electronic Design (Signature GE course)
GE2316 Computing Snapshot, Today and Tomorrow
GE2318 From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science

Please refer to GE Requirements at CityU and GE Course Information for details.

Last Updated : 16 April 2020