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Events 2017

Staff and RS Get-to-gather – Hiking and Dinner

A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

Hong Kong’s weather in December is very nice and it is a perfect time to have some outdoor activities. EE department organized a hiking get-to-gather event for professors and research students on 30 December 2017. The purpose of this event is to provide a casual occasion for fostering research collaborations in new or interdisciplinary directions. The place for the hike is Mount Cameron in Hong Kong Island.

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Prof K M Luk has won 2017 IEEE AP-S John Kraus Antenna Award

A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

Prof K M Luk, Chair Professor of EE, has been selected to receive the 2017 IEEE AP-S John Kraus Antenna Award for his invention of “L-shaped Probe Fed Microstrip Antenna and the Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna for Wireless Communications”. It is one of the highest awards in the antenna field globally and Prof Luk is the first academic from an Asian institution to receive this award.

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (IEEE AP-S) is recognized as the leading Society in antenna field in the world. Established by John D. Kraus, an American physicist known for his contributions to electromagnetics, radio astronomy and antenna theory, this award aims to honor an individual or team that has made a significant advance in antenna technology.

To further advance the frontier of antenna research, “Water Antenna” will be next research focus of Prof Luk. To know more about Prof Luk’s story of researching unconventional yet highly efficient wideband antennas that find applications in modern wireless communications, please have a look of the following news reports.

CityU News Centre:

News reports: Wen Wei Po; Oriental Daily; Hong Kong Commercial Daily

Article by Sing Tao Daily:

Interview by Croucher Foundation:

Smart System for Battery Monitoring Proved to be Time and Energy Saving

A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

EE research team, comprising Prof Henry Chung, Dr Ricky Lau and two research students Mr Cheng Chun-sing and Mr Liu Chun-for, has successfully developed a smart real-time battery state and health diagnostics system for testing the state of a battery on a vehicle which proved to significantly reduce diagnosis time from hours to three minutes and save the loss of energy by 90%.

With the support and collaboration of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), the team has successfully obtained Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) to develop the system. The completed work has been tested on government vehicles and data centers of the government, and is now being considered for installing the system on government vehicles to further assess its battery monitoring performance. The system has been granted patent, and was developed into a handy and compact design with its business partner for launching to the market for wider use.

CityU News Centre: http://newscentre.cityu.edu.hk/media/news/2017/11/22/cityus-smart-system-battery-monitoring-can-significantly-save-time-and-energy

News reports in: Headline Daily, Ming Pao, Sing Tao,Ta Keung Pao, Wen Wei Po

Live TV News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhW_iS0ElUw

Video clip: MP4 by CityU and Yahoo 教學研習

Blog of Secretary for Development: https://www.devb.gov.hk/en/home/my_blog/index_id_260.html

EE Graduation Ceremony 2017 Photo Album

A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

It is always happy to witness and celebrate the achievement of our talented and professional graduates at the Graduation Ceremony held annually. This year, a total of 279 students graduated from their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Apart from individual presentation on our graduates, there were also prize presentation, graduate sharing session and tea reception. At last, there was a group photo-taking session to round up the joyful day where many cheering faces of our graduates and professor were captured. Surely the big day will be all our long-lasting memory.

Beautiful Glass Swan Antenna earned a comment of "Incredible!"

Have you ever imagined a nice ornament at home could function powerfully as an antenna for wireless communications? This first-class research, being one of the masterpieces of Prof Ben Leung Kwok-wa, EE Chair Professor, was publicized earlier and demonstration of which has attracted acclaim from industry, and a comment of "Incredible" by the academic experts in the field. This first-ever invention has also earned Prof Leung the highly prestigious First Class Award (Natural Science) in the 2016 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology) of the Ministry of Education, China.

Tribute to Long Serving EE Staff

The loyalty and hard work of 14 EE professors, technical and administrative staff were honored at the Long Service Award Ceremony organized by Human Resources Office on 30 October 2017. Our achievements and successes are down to the dedication and professionalism of these valuable staff with long service spanning 10 to 30 years. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr Nelson Chan, Mrs Sandy Cheung, Dr Hung Chim, Dr Y T Chow, Dr Lin Dai, Dr S H Leung, Ms Candy Leung, Prof K M Luk, Ms Jovi Mok, Dr Derek Pao, Dr L M Po, Prof Edwin Pun, Mr Van Ting and Dr Kelvin Yuen for all they have done for the Department and the University!

CityU Information Day 2016

Kicked off EE Soft Skills Series 2017/18

Prof Stella Pang and Prof Tommy Chow kicked off the EE Soft Skills Series 2017/18 with a one-hour workshop about basic email writing techniques in EE Innovation Centre on 25 October 2017. “Nowadays soft skills of engineers is considered much more important than ever, which is a feedback we receive constantly from the industry,” Prof Pang explained the purpose of launching this series.

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Bridging EE Students with Friends from Industry

Close to 30 CEOs, directors, vice presidents, division heads, managers and officers of 20 companies participated in two industrial gatherings with EE programme management teams and faculties held on 13th and 20th October 2017. The gatherings were very constructive in a way that good exchanges on university-industry collaborative proposals were carried out for a number of career-related and student projects namely Design Projects, Industrial Placement Scheme, Final Year Projects, 1-year Internship Program and Career Coaching.

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Launch of Energy-saving Invention "Smart Thermostat"

A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

Our research team comprising Prof Henry Chung and two PhD students, Mr Lai Chun Tak and Mr Cheung Yeung Shun, as well as professor and researcher from the Division of Building Science and Technology has developed a smart thermostat for central air-conditioning systems which has been successfully launched onto the market with three patents having been filed. The new invention can help save more than 10% on power and improve indoor comfort levels. Such achievement also aligns with the objectives of the “Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong's Built Environment 2015~2025+” as mentioned in the latest policy address of the HKSAR government. A press conference was held on 17 October 2017 to introduce this energy and cost saving thermostat to the public.

CityU News Centre: http://wikisites.cityu.edu.hk/sites/newscentre/en/Pages/201710171350.aspx

News reports in: AM730, Ming Pao, Sing Pao, Sing Tao Daily, Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po

CityU Information Day 2017

CityU Information Day 2017 was held on 14 October 2017. Professors and student ambassadors of EE Department were so happy to meet thousands of prospective students and parents and share with them the learning opportunity and environment at CityU-EE. Exhibition booth, informative programme talks and interesting laboratory tours were arranged where visitors not only understood better our majors and the career prospect, but also were amazed and impressed by the innovative projects and products developed by our professors and students.

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Stanford Top Scholar Fostered High Impact Interdisciplinary Research and Education

Since last visit in February 2017 by Professor Stephen P. Boyd, a renowned scholar and high caliber figure of control systems engineering and optimization, Prof Boyd visited CityU again from 8 September to 14 September 2017. The 5-day programme was intensive and constructive. The charisma of Prof Boyd attracted six departments – Departments of Electronic Engineering (EE), Computer Science (CS), Mathematics (MA), Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MBE), Management Sciences (MS), and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) --  to get together to explore high impact interdisciplinary research and education opportunities.

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FinTech Projects of EE Students and Graduate were showcased to HKSAR Government Officials

Two FinTech projects, incubated and developed by our EE students and graduate, were showcased to Mr Paul Chan, GBM, GBS, MH, JP (Financial Secretary), Mr James Lau JP (Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury) and Mr Nicholas W Yang, GBS, JP (Secretary for Innovation and Technology) when they visited CyberPort on 20 August 2017. Related press release can be found from the blog of the HKSAR Financial Secretary http://www.fso.gov.hk/eng/blog/blog200817.htm.

  • "AI Chatbot” by Mr Kinni Mew, 2012 graduate in Computer Engineering, and now Senior Data Engineer and Cofounder of Mindlayer Limited
  • “TicketChain” (a blockchain ticketing system) by Mr Bobby Fan & Miss Xin Yan, Final year student in Computer Engineering, and student from EF Department

CityU Information Day 2016

Photo captured from the blog of HKSAR Financial Secretary

EE International Summer Camp 2017 - Closing & Farewell

For the 60 summer camp participants, who have travelled hundred or even thousand miles from home to come to City University of Hong Kong and spent 5 weeks here, mingled with some local students of Department of Electronic Engineering, to learn about mini robotic building and motion control programming as well as to feel the vibrancy of this international metropolis, where blends western and eastern cultures, the hardest thing is to say goodbye, no matter in which language, in its closing ceremony held on 31 July 2017.

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A Complementary Workshop for JUPAS Applicants - mBot Go!

About 40 Form 6 students joined a full-day workshop mBot Go! organized by Department of Electronic Engineering on 6 July 2017, on which they were given a challenge to build, programme and remote control a mBot to compete in a car race against each other. To all of them it was a first-time experience to have a taste of robotic controls involving line tracking and object avoidance. The workshop was a good opportunity for undergraduates-to-be to have some hands-on experience of both hardware and software applications prior to their entry to university.

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A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

A Full House of Students joining JS1205 Programme Information Session

Around 270 F.6 students joined the Programme Information Session for JUPAS Applicants hosted by EE Department held on 5 July 2017. The event comprised of an interactive Technology Play acted by three EE students showcasing the latest EE technologies and innovative projects our students and faculty had been engaged in, a talk on “EE Programmes and Career Opportunities” introducing our programme and latest bloom of EE sector in the work market, and parallel sessions of group interviews that were arranged at the end to wrap up the day.

Beautiful Glass Swan Antenna to Dr Yeung Kin-man, JP

Have you ever imagined a nice ornament at home could function powerfully as an antenna for wireless communications? This first-class research, being one of the masterpieces of Prof Ben Leung Kwok-wa, EE Chair Professor, was publicized earlier and demonstration of which has attracted acclaim from industry. The glass swan was recently given by CityU to Dr Yeung Kin-man, JP, Founder and Chief Executive of Biel Crystal (HK) Manufactory Limited as a birthday gift. In appreciation of the staunch support and generous donations given by Dr Yeung for the University and students, CityU has named Academic 1 “Yeung Kin Man Academic Building” earlier this April.



CityU Information Day 2016

Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Technologies Paving the Way for the Future Development of 5G 6G (Sing Tao Daily)

CityU Information Day 2016

EE Projects Addressing Real-life Problems were showcased at Discovery and Innovation Gala 2017

The College of Science and Engineering Discovery and Innovation Gala 2017 was successfully held on 21 and 22 June 2017, where a total of 20 EE projects addressing real-life problems were showcased to the CityU community and the public. The innovative projects were the collective work of EE faculty members, research staff, postgraduate students and undergraduate students.  The Featured Project “A Smart Drunk Driving Detection Scheme” has attracted the media coverage and the news reports can be found at Ming Pao, Oriental Daily, Sing Pao, Wen Wei Po and AM730.

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Workshops on Communication and Presentation Tricks by Experienced Practitioners

Nurturing postgraduate students to be well-rounded engineers and academics is always our top agenda of providing professional education. Two workshops aiming to uplift the communication, presentation and networking skills of students were held on 21 June 2017. Thanks Dr Rhoda Yuen, Senior Counselling Psychologist, for introducing an effective communication mean called “Active Constructive Responding (ACR) Skills”, as well as Ms Mary Cheung, Managing Director and Founder of Mary Cheung & Associates (International) Limited, for demonstrating the “International Social Manner” by using many vivid real life examples. 

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Novelty and Originality of Student Project Work Manifested in Final Year Project Competition 2017

The Final Year Project Competition 2017 was successfully held on 20 April 2017. A total of 23 projects entered semi-final of the competition which was a poster session. Six of them were immediately selected after the semi-final to compete in the final round held on the same day. Both semi-finalists and finalists were such professional and well-prepared to present their novel and innovative ideas in their project works to the judging panels and audiences.

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Featured Panel Discussion on Jumpstarting Students’ Career in Engineering

Ir. Dr. Alan Lam, CEO of Sengital Limited, inspired over a hundred students to jumpstart their engineering dreams by sharing his own stories and how he sees the bright future of this blooming industry in a technology-led era, in his talk titled “Jumpstart Your Career in Engineering” held on 13 March 2017.

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Research Symposium for Postgraduate Students

Over 130 EE postgraduate students and faculty members joined the Research Symposium held on 9 March 2017 where 20 some student research works, covering areas in Applied Electromagnetics, Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology & Biosystems, Networking, Wireless Communication and Computer Engineering & Control Systems, were showcased to compete for the Best Presentation Awards.

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Renowned IT and Electronics Companies Giving Career Talk to EE Graduate-to-be

Delegates from five renowned IT companies, namely Atos Information Technology (HK) Ltd., PCCW Solutions, GP Electronics (HK) Limited, KLA-Tencor (China) and Innotec Engineering Limited were invited to deliver career talk to our Year-3 and final year students, giving them a clear picture of the career prospect and development in the respective companies and in the industry. Break-out sessions were also arranged to let our students know more in-depth about the companies and the jobs, as well as facilitating the on-site applications.

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Stanford Top Scholar attracted overwhelming responses on topic “Convex Optimization”

Professor Stephen P. Boyd, a renowned scholar and high caliber figure of control systems engineering and optimization delivered a talk titled “Convex Optimization” under IAS Distinguished Lecture Series on 17 February 2017. Prof Boyd is the Samsung Professor of Engineering, in the Information Systems Laboratory, Electrical Engineering Department, Stanford University, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. His charisma and prestige in the field attracted over 300 people to his talk, with many sitting on the floor or standing for more than an hour.

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Interflow Tour to Taipei

EE Student Ambassadors 2016 had been to Taipei for an academic and cultural exchange on 2 – 7 January 2017. During the trip, students were given the opportunity to appreciate the teaching and learning style of higher education in Taipei by visiting National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Tsing Hua University. Out of academic side, they had been to some famous landmarks in Taipei such as Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and National Palace Museum to taste the history and culture of Taipei.

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