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Events 2020

New Online Summer Lecture: 一切從「芯」開始 · 智能手機是如何運算的

Our EE Associate Professor, Dr. Ray Cheung will deliver a new online summer lecture “一切從「芯」開始 · 智能手機是如何運算的” at CityU-Learning Classroom for Secondary School Students, which is an exciting new initiative that promises to inject creativity into online learning.

Date: 31 July 2020 (Friday)
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Targets: F.1 to F.6 Students
Language: Cantonese
Speaker: Dr. Ray Cheung, Associate Professor

This lecture will discuss with you in an interactive and simple way. Join us now!
Registration deadline is 24 July.

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New Online Summer Lecture

EEHS 1st Mathematics Competition (Math Wiz)

The 1st Mathematics Competition (Math Wiz) organized by the Executive Committee of Electrical Engineering Honour Society (EEHS) was successfully held from 21st June 2020 to 28th June 2020. This two-round competition involved three main topics which were Probability, Calculus (MA120X) and Linear Algebra (MA2001), and around 40 EE students participated in it.

In this competition, participants not only fully applied the knowledge they had learned in class, but also actively engaged themselves in it and had lots of fun. It is believed that the next competition would be even more exciting and challenging.

Congratulations to the final 10 winners of Math Wiz of the following EE students:

*** List of all winners ***

Ranking Name
1 HE, Houbo
2 XU, Tianxiao
3 CHEN, Ruogu
4 CHENG, Feng
5 ZHOU, Yujun
6 LI, Peixing
7 GUPTA, Aarnav
8 LI, Kam Hon
9 YANG, Tianxia
10 PATRA, Yuvraj
They received cash coupons as prizes ranging from $250 to $1,150.

Some of the happy winners of EEHS 1st Mathematics Competition (Math Wiz)

Virtual Workshops for Potential PhD Students

During summer time each year, EE Department reaches out to students at different places to invite them to join us as PhD students by organizing a four-day workshop at CityU with campus-life experience. It was transformed into virtual workshops this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The workshops held on 27 July 2020 attracted about 30 students from top universities in mainland China joining us. Apart from the introduction of the Department and the PhD programme, twelve 15-min research seminars presented by EE professors were arranged, covering topics in the area of Applied Electromagnetics, Optoelectronics, Electronics, Power, Nanotechnology, Biosystems, Networking, Wireless Communications, Computer Engineering and Control Systems. The discussion and exchange over the Zoom platform was lively. We look forward to having face-to-face exchange with these students at CityU when they join our PhD programme next year.

Virtual Workshops for Potential PhD Students

JS1205 Programme Information Session and Interviews plus Student Recruitment Session

This year, the JUPAS Programme Information Session and Student Interviews was held on 13th July 2020. Close to 220 F.6 students who were serious in their final choice of studies joined the event, which comprised an inspirational talk in EE discipline, a programme information session about JS1205 and the bloom of EE sector in the recent job market, student sharing on their university life and the different enriching learning opportunities. The event ended with a breakout group interviews with the faculty. In the hours of event, the participants showed to us their enthusiasm in EE studies and how they are impressed by the prevailing technologies and their applications in all areas of life. The Department is pleased to have provided such interactive platform to meet with our future students.

Another Student Recruitment Session was held a week after to specially meet with some 30 students for a more in-depth exchange and sharing. The Head of EE Department Prof Stella Pang kick-started the session by exposing to the students the endless opportunities and prospects in different technological fields where our EE graduates will be the future leaders. What followed were a sharing session by our graduate, and conversations with the admission team.

Best wishes to all the F.6 students in their DSE results and future studies!


Farewell Party for Retiring Colleagues

Three long-serving colleagues – EE Associate Professors Dr. LM Cheng, Dr. SH Leung, and Dr. Alan Yeung are retiring. Dr. LM Cheng joined EE in 1989, he served as the Team Leader of Computer Engineering and worked on industrial relations and industrial projects. Dr. SH Leung joined EE in 1987, he contributed substantially as EE Associate Head, Team Leader of Digital and Mobile Communications, and Lead of EE Laboratories. Dr. Alan Yeung joined EE in 1990, he was the Director of EE Computer and Networking Support Team and IE Assistant Programme Leader. They are devoted faculty, very helpful to students, and very supportive of the department.

A farewell party was organized for them on June 18, 2020 to thank their untiring services. The party was joined by more than 90 faculty and staff. Some sharing faculty joined on site and the others joined through Zoom. In the party, our EE Head, Professor Stella Pang acknowledged their contributions and dedicated services for over three decades. Dr. Cheng, Dr. Leung and Dr. Yeung also provided sharing of their long career and their retirement plan. All the participants enjoyed this warm moment and sent their blessings to them for a happy retirement life.

(From left to right) Dr. Alan Yeung, Dr. SH Leung, Professor Stella Pang, Professor Lin Dai and Dr. LM Cheng Participants joined the party on site and via zoom


EE Faculty participated in BOLD@CityU


Three EE Faculty, Professor Stella Pang, EE Head and Chair Professor, Professor Ron Chen, EE Chair Professor and Dr. Ray Cheung, EE Associate Professor were participated in BOLD@CityU, which is an exciting new initiative that promises to inject creativity into online learning. The iconic speakers had attracted overwhelming responses from the participants.

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Prof Ron Chen gives talk in「求學與治學」講壇

The Provost Office is proactively launching different School Outreach activities to high school and university students to promote CityU education. 「求學與治學」講壇  is one of the initiatives that promotes an exchange platform between scholars and students on scholarly exploration. The first seminar titled「漫談質疑與創新」delivered by Prof Ron Chen, EE Chair Professor, was held successfully on 15 April, 2020.  The talk is very inspiring and well attended, and we are pleased to share Prof Chen’s ppt file and the recording clip.

Prof Ron Chen gives talk in「求學與治學」講壇


EE Soft Skills Seminar – “The Road from Engineering Students to Serial Entrepreneur"

Ir. Dr. Alan Lam, EE Adjunct Professor and CEO of Sengital Limited, shared with students his own journey from an engineering student to a serial entrepreneur in the EE Soft Skills Seminar that was held on 3 April 2020. The topic is “The Road from Engineering Students to Serial Entrepreneur”.

Soft skill is one of the crucial attributes for success in career. In the seminar, Dr Lam shared with students the different skills that add value to a university student, the considerations for the choice of further studies or starting a company, how to transfer a research project idea into a final product, and his own journey from engineering start-up to a successful entrepreneur.

The Road from Engineering Students to Serial Entrepreneur

EE Soft Skills Seminar- The Road from Engineering Students to Serial Entrepreneur’s video recording is available here .

EE Faculty Sharing on Online Teaching

While the Pandemic COVID-19 is developing so rapidly and affecting different aspects of daily life, thanks to the extensive efforts of our EE faculty and staff, online teaching and learning have been adopted effectively across different class activities.

In order to maximize student learning through this new mode of class delivery, EE organized two ZOOM sharing sessions held on 5 February and 27 March where faculty actively shared their best practices on online teaching for lectures, labs, projects, presentations, and tests. To prepare faculty for the upcoming examinations held in May, apart from all best practices shared at the briefing, it also served as a good opportunity to collect different suggestions from faculty in formulating the departmental guidelines on online tests/examinations.

Our faculty’s resilience in the face of adversity is indeed admirable. We all adapt differently and we will all adapt together.

EE Faculty Sharing on Online Teaching


Connecting with Students in the Special Time

When teaching and learning all to be conducted online in this semester, Department keeps interacting with students in various ways. Course lecturers are the frontline ones to keep close contacts with students taking their courses through user-friendly electronic platforms. We also invited all EE students to do a survey for the first two-week of online teaching to let us know how they have learnt. During the mid of the semester, the respective five programme teams together with Head of the Department met with student representatives of different majors/programmes (both undergraduate and postgraduate ones) via Zoom to hear their feedback and concerns. Technology keeps us connected and voices from students are always the foundation and drive for the Department to do better and further.

Connecting with Students in the Special Time


Data-driven Modelling and Prediction of Global Spreading of COVID-19

EE Chair Professor Prof Michael Tse joined hand with South China Normal University to engage data-driven modelling in the prediction of spreading trend of COVID-19 epidemic in China, with the goal of better control of the spread and facilitate timely hospitalization and treatment plans.

Under this research, a library of spreading profiles and corresponding model parameters is to be established based on the current results obtained for more accurate estimation of future outbreak in a specific population. Current progress has included Europe, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and more.

News release in Sing Tao Daily on March 19, 2020.

Data-driven Modelling and Prediction of Global Spreading of COVID-19


First-ever CityU Online Learning Taster Workshops for High School Students

The first-ever CityU Online Learning Taster Workshop by EE for high school students has been launched in February 2020, which attracted over a hundred of S.1 to S.6 students from 50 local secondary schools. The EE workshop titled 「精靈寶可夢的人工智能工作坊」conducted by Dr Ray Cheung, Associate Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering, attracted over 70 participants as an exciting kick-start for the workshop series. Students found the online teaching platform interactive which got them an early taste of prevailing technological topics such as Artificial Intelligence in EE.

News release in Sing Tao Daily on March 5, 2020. We are pleased to share Dr. Ray Cheung’s recording clip.

CityU Learning taster course


Festive Gathering 2020

Over 160 EE staff and postgraduate students got together at Festive Gathering held on 15 January 2020. It was a valuable occasion where faculty members and students gathered and mingled with each other so as to exchange ideas on teaching and learning, and build up connections. Everyone enjoyed the fruitful knowledge exchange in this event. It also served the purpose to celebrate the hard work of a year and welcome another good year.

Festive Gathering 2020

EE Staff Retreat 2020

EE staff retreat is an annual event gathering all academic and teaching staff for discussing departmental strategic areas identified for development. This year, some 40 staff attended the retreat held at the Aberdeen Marina Club on 6 January 2020. Group discussions on topics ‘Students and Faculty Recruitment’, ‘Teaching Quality’, ‘EE Strategic Focused Areas and University Strategic Focused Areas: “Matter” and “Brain”’, and ‘Qualifying Examination’ have led to a solid implementation plan of actions. Besides, the team building activities were so enjoyable and served as a good chance to know the different big talents of our faculty!

EE Staff Retreat 2020