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News 2020

Prof Ron Chen on Top Scientists List in Computer Science and Electronics 2020 – 1st in HK and Asia
(Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港商報 A11)

Prof Ron Chen

EE Alumni, Mr. TONG Kin-fai Kenneth - Research & Develop Antenna Technology Benefits the Community
(Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報 A18)

Dr. TONG Kin Fai

EE Alumni, Mr. Tobby FU - Promote Innovation and Cooperation for Mutual Benefits
(Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報A20)

FU Sin Tou

Data-driven Modelling and Prediction of Global Spreading of COVID-19

EE Chair Professor Prof Michael Tse joined hand with South China Normal University to engage data-driven modelling in the prediction of spreading trend of COVID-19 epidemic in China, with the goal of better control of the spread and facilitate timely hospitalization and treatment plans.

Under this research, a library of spreading profiles and corresponding model parameters is to be established based on the current results obtained for more accurate estimation of future outbreak in a specific population. Current progress has included Europe, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and more.

News release in Sing Tao Daily on March 19, 2020.

Data-driven Modelling and Prediction of Global Spreading of COVID-19


First-ever CityU Online Learning Taster Workshops for High School Students

The first-ever CityU Online Learning Taster Workshop by EE for high school students has been launched in February 2020, which attracted over a hundred of S.1 to S.6 students from 50 local secondary schools. The EE workshop titled 「精靈寶可夢的人工智能工作坊」conducted by Dr Ray Cheung, Associate Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering, attracted over 70 participants as an exciting kick-start for the workshop series. Students found the online teaching platform interactive which got them an early taste of prevailing technological topics such as Artificial Intelligence in EE.

News release in Sing Tao Daily on March 5, 2020. We are pleased to share Dr. Ray Cheung’s recording clip.

CityU Learning taster course