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Research Areas
Computer Engineering and Control Systems

Applied Electromagnetics Optoelectronics, Electronics, Power, Nanotechnology and Biosystems
Wireless Communications Networking Computer Engineering and Control Systems
Tensor Computing
Prof Hong Yan
Human Face Image Analysis
Prof Hong Yan
Cancer Data Analysis
Prof Hong Yan
Visual Prosthetic Research
Dr Leanne L H Chan
Computational Neuroscience
Dr Rosa H M Chan
VLSI/FPGA Designs for High Throughput Trusted Computing and Biomedical Applications
Dr Ray Cheung
Carotid Atherosclerosis Assessment Using 3D Ultrasound
Dr Bernard Chiu
Genome Annotation
Dr Yanni Sun
Reconstruct RNA Viral Strains Deep Sequencing Data
Dr Yanni Sun
Better Protein Family Classification for Error-prone Sequences Using Deep Learning Models
Dr Yanni Sun
Algorithm Selection by Off-line and On-line Machine Learning
Dr Kelvin S Y Yuen
Crowd Counting
Dr Kelvin S Y Yuen
Detection of Moving Objects in Video
Dr K L Chan
Saliency Detection in Video Based on Local Texture
Dr K L Chan
Bioinformatics Research to Prevent and Treat Complex Diseases
Dr Katie K H Chan
Design of Privacy Filters for Smart Buildings
Dr Ehsan Nekouei
Smart Meter Privacy Using Electricity Storage
Dr Ehsan Nekouei
Automatic Polyp Detection in Endoscopy Video
Dr Yixuan Yuan

Computer and Control Systems are key research areas related to state-of-the-art computer and systems technologies. This research group consists of researchers focusing on both theoretical research and applied computer-based technologies development. Advanced theoretical research includes modeling and control of complex networks, analysis of nonlinear systems, development of new machine learning computational algorithms, and hardware and software design methodologies. The group also conducts signal processing, bioinformatics, cloud computing and computer vision research. These diverse engineering applications are all key areas in the current IT and computer industries. Related research works have become an integral part of modern computer and systems technologies as powerful tools enabling us to model and forecast the behavior of a highly complex system, such as genomic datasets, documents and even the human society, for which they made visualization of huge complex data possible. Related works also enable us to handle AI design and big data analysis and solve previously unsolved practical problems.

The team is devoted to fundamental and applied research on: intelligent and networked control; complex networks; artificial intelligence; machine learning; nonlinear circuits and systems; signal processing; pattern recognition; biomedical imaging; bioinformatics; computational neurosciences; computer graphics; computer vision; cloud computing; computer architecture; embedded systems; and evolutionary computing.

The team consists of the following faculty members:

Faculty Members Research Interests
Dr. CHAN, Rosa H M Computational Neuroscience, Neural Prosthesis, Brain-Computer Interface, Bio-Signal Processing
Dr. CHAN, K L Image Processing, Computer Vision 
Dr. CHAN, Katie K H Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Big Data Analysis
Dr CHAN, Leanne L H Neural Engineering, Visual Prosthetics, Visual Electrophysiology (in vivo), Stimulating Electrode Array, Computer Vision
Prof. CHEN, Guanrong Nonlinear Systems: Networks, Dynamics and Controls 
Prof. CHEN, Jie Systems and Control, Networked Control and Information Theory, Multi-Agent Systems, Time-Delay Systems, Linear Multivariable Systems, System Identification, Robust Control
Dr. CHENG, L M Information Security, Smart Card/RFID, Smart Home Care Systems, Video / Digital Watermark Systems
Dr. CHEUNG, Ray C C Reconfigurable Trusted Computing, FPGA/ASIC, Logic Synthesis, System-on-Chip (SoC) 
Dr. CHIU, Bernard C Y Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Segmentation and Registration
Prof. CHOW, Tommy W S Intelligence Systems, Machine Learning
Dr. LAU, Ricky W H Digital Signal Processing, Digital Audio Engineering, Visual Speech Processing, Embedded System 
Prof. LEUNG, Andrew C S Multimedia, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Signal Processing
Dr. NEKOUEI, Ehsan Privacy in Networked Systems, Integrated Processing of Human Decision-making Data, Game-theoretic Analysis of Electricity Markets, Wireless Communications
Dr. SUN, Yanni Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Genomic Sequence Analysis, Applications of Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithms in Bioinformatics, Metagenomics, Genome Annotation
Dr. TANG, Wallace K S Evolutionary Algorithms, Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, Control Theory, Complex Networks 
Dr. TSANG, Peter W M Digital Holography, Three Dimensional Video Systems, Image Compression 
Prof. YAN, Hong Bioinformatics, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Dr. YUAN, Yixuan Deep learning, Medical image classification, Object detection and segmentation, Object tracking
Dr. YUEN, Kelvin S Y Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Computer Vision


Last Updated : 2 Jul 2020