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Research Areas
Optoelectronics, Electronics, Power, Nanotechnology, and Biosystems

Applied Electromagnetics Optoelectronics, Electronics, Power, Nanotechnology, and Biosystems
Wireless Communications Networking Computer Engineering and Control Systems
3D Biomimetic Platforms and Biosensors
Prof Stella W Pang
Optical Fiber and Waveguide Devices
Prof K S Chiang
Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization
Prof Henry S H Chung
Wireless Power Transfer Technologies
Prof Michael C K Tse
Robustness of Power System
Prof Michael C K Tse
Semiconductor Laser Dynamics
Dr Nelson S C Chan
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Dr Joshua E Y Lee
Large-area Electronics and Optoelectronics based on Thin Film Semiconductors
Dr Chaoliang Tan
Nanophotonic Devices for Optical Communications
Dr Cheng Wang

The applications of electronics have expanded dramatically since the invention of the transistor. Similarly, the unique applications of photonics continue to emerge, from everyday life to the most advanced science. Electronic and photonic devices have enabled breakthroughs in all branches of EE, therein lies the strength of the interdisciplinary nature of electronics and photonics, and the tremendous opportunities it opens. Our team focuses on the design and realization of novel devices using advanced material, micro and nanoscale technologies. The realization of device down to the nanoscale enables unique properties to be achieved. Applications range from information technology and telecommunications, optical sensing, imaging, energy efficiency in smart grid, to biophotonics - health care and life sciences, and improving the quality of life using neural implants.

The team is devoted to the research on: fiber and integrated optics; plasmonics/metasurfaces; semiconductor lasers; nanophotonics; nanomaterials; nanofabrication; micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS); biomedical sensors and microsystems; neural implants and prosthesis; holography; electronic product reliability; power electronics; and smart grids.

The team consists of the following faculty members:

Faculty Members Research Interests
Dr. CHAN, Andy H P Integrated and Fiber Optics, Photonic Technology and Packaging, Terahertz Device
Dr. CHAN, Nelson S C Optical Chaos, Microwave Photonics, Semiconductor Laser Dynamics
Prof. CHIANG, K S Fibre and Integrated Optics, Nonlinear Guided-wave Optics, Optical Devices and Sensors
Dr. CHOW, Y T Optoelectronics
Prof. CHUNG, Henry S H Power Electronics, Lighting Technology, Smart Grid Technologies
Dr. LEE, Joshua E Y Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Micromechanical Sensors, Micromechanical Resonators, Piezoelectric Devices, Acoustic Devices, Acoustofluidics
Prof. PANG, Stella W Biomedical Sensors and Microsystems, Nanofabrication Technology, Nanoimprint
Prof. PUN, Edwin Y B Integrated Optics, Photonics Technology, Micro- and Nano- fabrication, Plasmonics, Nano Photonics, Metasurfaces and Metamaterials
Dr. TAN Chaoliang Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology, 2D Materials
Prof. TSE, Michael C K Analog Circuits, Power Electronics, Smart Grid, Networks and Nonlinear Systems
Dr. WANG, Cheng Nanofabrication Technology, Photonic Circuits, Optical communications, Nonlinear Optics
Prof. WONG, Hei Electronics Devices and Solid State Circuits 


Last Updated : 18 June 2020