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Consultancy Projects

1st July 2018 – Current

Project Title Source Staff Start End
Electromagnetic Compatibility ("EMC") Management Consulting Services to MHI for APM System in Macau Industry S W Leung Aug-17 May-19
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI") Human Exposure Desktop Study for Electrical Installations - Two Taikoo Place Industry S W Leung May-18 Dec-18
Independent Non-Executive Director Industry S W Leung Jul-18 Jun-19
Independent Non-Executive Directors (INED) Industry W S Chow Dec-16 Dec-18
Member of The Project Consultative Committee of The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT)
Macau SAR K S Chiang Jun-17 May-19
Independent Non-Executive Director Industry Y C Chan Apr-17 Mar-19

Last updated : 11 Jan 2019