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Department of Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

First-year Curriculum and Course Registration

First-year Curriculum

Subject Area Course Code Course Title Credit Units (CU)
Gateway Education (24 credit units)
English a GE1401 &
University English (3CU)
English for Engineering (3CU)
EL0200A &
English for Academic Purposes 1 & 2 (6CU)
College-specified GE courses (Mathematics & Computing) MA1200/
Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I/
Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra I
Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II/
Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra II
CS1302 b
Introduction to Computer Studies/
Introduction to Computer Programming
College Requirements c (6 credit units Science subjects)
Choose two from the following three:
Physics PHY1201 General Physics I (3CU) 6
Chemistry BCH1100 Chemistry (3CU)
Biology BCH1200 Discovery in Biology (3CU)
Major Requirments (6 credit units)
EE-Level-1 courses

EE1001 &

Foundations of Digital Techniques
Principles of Electronic Engineering
Introduction to Electronic Design
  1. Students whose entry qualification in HKDSE English Language is below Level 4 are required to take EL0200A & EL0200B English for Academic Purposes 1 & 2 (EAP) before progressing to GE English courses. Please see more details by referring to the Section ‘Curriculum Structure of 4-year Degree’ of this handbook.

  2. The offering of CS1302 is subject to sufficient student enrolments.

  3. There are three science courses namely PHY1201 General Physics I, BCH1100 Chemistry and BCH1200 Discovery in Biology under the College Requirements. Students are required to choose two out of three. It is advisable for all EE students to take PHY1201, while students interested in Electronic and Communication Engineering major are advised to take BCH1100 for the other course. Pre-registration on PHY1201 and BCH1100 have been done for all EE students. Students intending to change their course choice should do it during the add/drop period on web..

Recommended Study Plan for First-year Students
  1. All unnecessary changes to pre-arranged timetable should be avoided. Students wishing to drop/change a pre-assigned course should do it online or using the paper form during add/drop period. Places given up are not guaranteed if they are required to be retrieved.

  2. In cases that students want to register on BCH1200 Discovery in Biology to fulfil the College Requirement, they should do it through web during the add/drop period and register the session to Semester A. De-registration of the replaced course should only be done after BCH1200 is successfully added. Students are advised to keep the semester credit load to 15 credit units as suggested..

  3. Students are advised to refer to their own timetable pre-arranged according to the recommended study plan below and avoid possible time conflict when considering the GE course to be added during the course add/drop period.
    Semester A Semester B
    English (GE1401/ EL0200A) English (GE2410/ EL0200B)
    MA1200* Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I/
    MA1300 Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra I
    MA1201* Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II/
    MA1301 Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra II
    PHY1201 General Physics I BCH1100 Chemistry
    GE1354 Introduction to Electronic Design CS1102 Introduction to Computer Studies
    Group I Students
    EE1002 Principles of Electronic Engineering EE1001 Foundations of Digital Techniques
    Group II Students
    EE1001 Foundations of Digital Techniques EE1002 Principles of Electronic Engineering
    Total: 15 CU Total: 15 CU
  4. * Students are highly encouraged to take MA1200 and MA1201 in which the engineering   mathematical contents already fit the needs of the following studies in their majors.

Course Registration


All first-year courses have been pre-registered for students according to recommended study plan above. For more information about course registration, please visit ARRO’s website.


Last Updated : 1 Jul 2019