This 2-day short course was first delivered at the HKUST as a MEAD course in 2011, and then repeated at the University of Western Australia and IEEE Perth Section in 2013.

The course offers an systematic exposition of the basic circuit theory and design of switching power supplies, the focus being the basic toplogies, models, analysis methods and design rules, with selected applications in power factor correction and LED driving. It consists of 5 parts:

PART 1: Overview of the Design of Switch-Mode Power Converters: From Theory to Practice

PART 2: Topologies and Models of DC/DC Converters

PART 3: Analysis and Control of Power Converters

PART 4: Application: Design and Control for Power Factor Correction

PART 5: Application: LED Driving

The emphasis is the circuit foundation of switching converters and the practical control methods applied for voltage and current regulation, power factor correction and lighting applications.

All presentation slides can be downloaded for self-study purposes. Please DO NOT reproduce any part of the course presentation slides for other purposes.

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