This 2-day short course was first delivered at the IEEE International Elite School in Taipei in June 2018, then re-run by the IEEE Power Electronics Beijing Chapter in Beijing in November 2018, and again by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong in December 2018.

The course offers an in-depth exposition of the basic circuit theory and design of wireless power transfer conversion systems, the focus being the fundamentals of compensation circuits and the general design rules for basic second-order compensated converter systems. It consists of 5 parts:

PART 1: Oveview & Standards

PART 2: Fundamental Theory

PART 3: Compensation Circuit Design

PART 4: Transformer Design

PART 5: Control & Other Issues

The emphasis is the theoretical foundation of compensation addressing the key challenge of maximizing power transfer level, improving efficiency, and minimizing reactive power flow. All second-order compensation schemes are thoroughly treated, and the circuit properties and parameter conditions yielding the desired output conditions are discussed in detail. State of the art research in transformer design and future challenges in wireless power transfer are also presented.

All presentation slides can be downloaded for self-study purposes. Please DO NOT reproduce any part of the course presentation slides for other purposes.

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