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Consultancy services

To serve the Hong Kong, China, and international optoelectronics industries by providing consulting, training and technology transfer

What we can offer


Basic micro-fabrication training module

A comprehensive training module including both theoretical course and practical demonstration. This is specially designed to new users who has no prior experience on micro-fabrication of semiconductor, glass or polymer optical waveguide/devices.

The module divided into 2 parts:

1. Lithography processing and application (theoretical course)
        - What is lithography
        - Different steps of lithography processing (starting from sample cleaning)
        - positive and negative resist
        - lift-off process and etching
        - other related processing techniques
 2. Processing demonstration (Practical session)
        several processing techniques will be demonstrated including:
        - clean room entry procedures
        - resist processing ( spinning, softbake, expose and development)
        - chemical treatment
        - step profiler usage (Tencor alpha step profiler 500)
        - film deposition by thermal evaporation (Edwards Auto 360)

Advanced/ Individual Equipment training module

A training to provide hand on experience on the usage of the following advanced equipments.

  • Laurell WS650B-6NPP LITE Spinner
  • Karl Suss MJB4 Aligner
  • Ambios XP-2 profiler
  • Tencor alpha step profiler 500
  • Edwards Auto 306 Evaporator
  • Metrion 2010 Prism coupling system
  • RF magnetron sputtering system
  • Denton Deskpro RF sputtering system
  • Thermoplasma 320 Reactive ion beam etching system
  • Oxford ICP 65 Inductively coupled plasma etching system
  • Thermomicroscope CP Research Scanning probe microscope
Remark: Users are not allowed to access any equipments unless they have attended the training course and passed the qualifing examination.


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