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Class 1000 and Class 100 Clean room


Class 1000/100 clean room
  • Class 100 clean room (16 meter square)
  • Class 1000 clean room (86 meter square) infrastructure

Electron beam Lithography system (Crestec 9510C)
  • Beam energy : 5 - 50keV (1keV step)
  • Source type : FET
  • Minimum spot size : 2nm at 50keV

  • Minimum line width : 10nm

  • Field size normally : 60 µm to 1200µm
  • Stage facilities: laser interferometer stage moveable area: 15cm x 15cm


RF magnetron sputtering system (Norodiko NM2000)
  • 3 rotational targets for multiplayer deposition of metals, alloys and dielectricmaterials
  • 500 Watts RF generator with bias voltage mode available

Reactive ion etching system (Vision 320 RIE system)
  • Six mass flow controlled process gas
  • 600 Watts RF power
  • wafer size up to 12 Inch, uniformity +/- 5%
  • Minimun etching line width 100nm

Inductively coupled plasma etching system (Oxford ICP65)
  • Gases available: CF4, CHF3, SF6, O2, N2, He & Ar
  • RF power source: 300W at 13.56MHz and 600W RF Dressler
  • Electrode coolant system: -5 ~ 25 deg

  • Substrate size: 3 inches single wafer

  • Uniformity: < ±3% (150 mm)

Scanning Probe microscope (Thermomicroscope CP research)
  • 100nm scanner head holds
  • samples up to 50mm in diameter and up to 25mm thick in ambient environment
  • 280x to 1400x magnification optics system
  • up to 8 channels of data capture (simultaneous) for CAFM, ICAFM, NAFM, lateral force, STM, FMM and nanolithgraphy etc.

High performance mask aligner (Karl Suss MJB4)
  • High resolution printing down to 0.8µm
  • 3 axis and rotational adjustments as well as Single field and Split field microscope for fast and accurate high precision pattern alignment

  • Constant light intensity mode with 350W power supply

  • Light intensity uniformity <2% with MO exposure optics
  • Handle mask from 2” x 2” up to 5" x 5" max

  • for pieces 5mm x 5mm up to wafer diameter 100mm or substrate 100mm x 100mm

  • IR alignment module

Spinner (Laurell WS650B-6NPP LITE)
  • Uniform coverage even over severe topography
  • Highly reproducible thick resist applications
  • Reduces resist consumption by up to 50%

Step Profiler (Tencor Alpha 500)
  • Measure vertical featureup to 0.3mm
  • Accommodate samples up to 150mm wide and 15mm thick

Step Profiler (Ambios XP-2)
  • Measure vertical feature up to 100um max
  • Scan length up to 5cm
  • Motorized stage equipped
  • Stylus force range from 0.05-10mg
  • Accommodate samples up to 200mm wide and 30mm thick

Thermal evaporation system (Edwards Auto 306)

Thermal evaporator:

  • 4 position thermal source
  • deposition of low melting point materials



Thermal evaporator (Denton DV-502A)
  • 2 position high power thermal source
  • Capable for deposition of high melting point materials

DC sputter (Denton DV-502A)
  • DC power up to 500W
  • 4 inches target for more uniform coating
  • specially for deposition of Titanium layer


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